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Marble sky

dont look for any anathomy in this! i had bad day -.- hands were shaking and i almost draw both of Sam's wings left x.x
but ~Dreit told me i should finish it - so here is final version. at start it should be present for his nameday but when it turned out like this... i must do something better.
AND this is my first attempt to draw on light beige-grey marble paper! would u like to have it too? :D
colors are better in RL, i used Derwent color pencils i dont use much because of their a bit lighter colors... and here they looks great, shiny and full - it looks like kind of HDR on dragons, hehe :D sky i wanted to leave almost same like the paper is :)

used: liners, Derwent color pencils

characters are ~Dreit's and *Samantha-dragon's

edit: now original belongs to ~Dreit :heart:
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That looks pretty cool the background and everything awesome 😄
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Thank you! with background helped me a lot the color of paper :D
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That's a touching and heart-warming scene. :) I like the way you drew the yellow glow of the sun on some of their scales which face the sun, and I also like how Sam's right wing 'arm' appears dark because it not so exposed to the sun... all of this makes the lighting and shadows in the picture appear more realistic. :)
I only hope their wings won't crash into each other. xD
What is it like to draw on the marble paper? :O I've only used plain white paper.
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wow, thank u for nice critique comment! :aww: its not ussual these days :(
im glad u like it - shading was one of points i want to get better in - but its sometimes very difficult because i cant use references on dragons :D
yeah, i hope so ^^;
i was surprised its easier that on white! :O because no white small crappy areas are visible through drawing and drawing background is fun :aww: im thinking about selling some of this marble paper sheets because i have it so much that i can never draw all them :D
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Yeah... since you can't see for yourself where the shading on a real dragon is, you have to imagine it in your head - I guess that can be a challenge.

I see, so the paper colour is not so easily seen through your pencil colouring, and it makes backgrounds more enjoyable to make?
Lol, it seems like you have an excess/oversupply... how did you get them?
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yeah, it realyy IS challenge even more when i try to draw semi-realistic since i cant draw comic style

no, surprisly it isnt, color pencils seems to cover it enought. And watercolors too, the paper just give it sence of those colors :) btw, in this pic are those darker places made even more darker with color pencils too so they seems more like clouds ;)

my father needed them for something and some huge sheets left us home :aww:
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I love that paper and both of us so much! :heart::icondragonglomp::heart:
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if u still do when see original u can take it :meow:
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I want it! :icondragonwant:
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so... if i dont make anything better it still can be present? :blush:
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Of course, I love it! :icondragonhug:
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Tak to se mi dost líbí.
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děkuju :aww: ale mohlo to bejt lepší ;)
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Nekoukám, co mohlo být, ale co je. A tohle je pro mě best.
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Nemáš zač.
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