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Kiriban: GreyCatFelis

kiriban prize for ~GreyCatFelis - im sorry it took so long to scan it ^^;

for both i found references through Google images
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It is very very cool!
I loved drawing. I realized that
you did not find the ref. I have
it as the ID is on the page) You
forgot all-only spots under the
eyes, but it is not so scary, they
are often overlooked, if not
specify in words) Can I get a
picture mail?) I would be very
grateful to you)
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i have but i have lost it somewhere in pc :( and than i didnt realized it... i will add them and send new scan ok?
you mean greater size of? this u can download here - picture is small IRL, max 12cm long ;)
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Sorry for my rude English...
I did not want scan) I want real picture, if it is possible to transmit by mail in an envelope)
I can draw something in return as payment for sending mail
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aha! im sorry but no, im not sending originals drawned as kiriban ^^; that would have been written in that journal.
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Ок... Sorry...
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nice form n shape
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