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Yay for something new, even including humanoid face and what I still like! :D I ordered all crafted items I won in past events and Brissinge, who made them for me, said that it would be too much to use them all at once. Well, that sounded like challenge! >:3 So here we go - it started as quick doodle but when I finished the face I realized to really like it :D

Items used for Larinne:
Crafted: Flayer's tiara
Crafted: Hair clip set
Crafted: Linen tunic
Crafted: Red riding hood
CgpX rewards - elemental jewelerry (air pendant)
I needed to even add "no effect" earrings for her, fitting to Orion jewels... well I know what to ask for next time :D
Items used for Orion:
Crafted: Dragon jewel set (2 pieces)

used: graphite pencils
paper: regular print paper (sadly)
size: A4
references: for face position but changed it a lot to fit my character here
points: 3 (portrait) + 3 (simple shading) + 2*2 (items) = 10

(c) characters (Orion and Larinne) belong to me, Samantha-dragon
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2019
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Oh my goodness you draw humans so epic! Really lovely work!
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I try to siletly practice for about two years, so it's nice to hear that work pays off! Thank you ^^
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To je úžasný design těch ozdob! Clap 
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Díky, i když ten design je zásluha hlavně Briss - já jí jen hrubě nadhodila, co bych si tak představovala a ona mi vytvořila tyto kousky ^^ Fakt si musím ještě objednat do setu ty náušnice pro elfici :D
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=P (Razz) vím co myslíš, Is má něco podobného a první ilustraci mi taky někdo udělal "podle návodu" načmáraného na ubrousku :D (Big Grin) a na ten výsledek nedám dopustit... 
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The woman's and the dragon's beauty is in perfect equality! ^_^
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Awww, thank you so much! My human(oid) faces were terrible so I was quietly doing some training and this is result :3
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With all that jewelry they both look very regal! I like the elf girl face and hair! The dragon is so pretty too! :>
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Yeah, exactly, but it's definitelly not "too much", I think :3 Not best to wear everyday but why not for shows?
Thank you!
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Yeah I agree. Good for looking nice or for a formal occasion.
You're welcome!
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