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InkTober - No. 2: Lovely and Relaxed

More of my Muriell wolf girl :] This time something for Dreit, because... he has never believed me that she can be nice and lovely too. Just like fluffy ball you just need to hug and love.
Plus, something lighter and closer to my usual style and type of art, hehe.
Nope, this is not free to color piece, sorry!

InkTober - No. 1: Calm before the Storm by Samantha-dragon || InkTober - No. 0: Getting ready by Samantha-dragon || 

Mature Content

InkTober - No. 3: Ribbons by Samantha-dragon

used: pencil sketch, rubber, liners
paper: regular white
size: A6
time: ?
references: nope

(c) character belongs to me, Samantha-dragon
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2016
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she's truly beautiful >W<
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you're most welcome X3
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She looks really lovely and certainly looks here like a nice fluffy wolf that I want to hug and love. :)
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Thank you! ^^ Let's hope she will last like this for some time :)
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You're welcome! ^^
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Such a fuzzy one! And I do like this style of art which you do. :3

I have a question to you though: You license the art as Creative Commons, but your description seems to imply it is Copyrighted. Which one is it?
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Oh yeah :] Thank you! ^^

Ah... I'm not informated enough about this kind of things. Everytime I tried to read something about, I just get lost in few sentences ^^; 
Just trying to write there that it's my art, my character and not allowed to use it anyhow, just look, take inspiration but not copy.
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Ah, I see. Well! in short, CC means that you own the art but you allow others to make use of it non-commercially as long as they give you credits. I am personally a believer in CC because I think it is impossible to humanely enforce the terms of copyright in the digital world.

Though, that is entering digital politics which can get quite tangled up if one is not up to speed with all the details.
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well, reading this:… make me think that downloading pic for setting my desktop wallpaper is totally fine but making profit out of this is not. Plus if I change something (for that desktop wallpaper for example) I'm not allowed to post it online. Plus, if I want to share it elsewhere, I can but I must add proper credits there.

I'm just afraid that not many strangers are bothering about even finding what settings of CC is artist using :/ Using (c) about characters and art may stop some of them to not to use it for their (not only RP) characters, crop for icons or color up the lines :/
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Well, I fear that it is impossible to enforce copyright, those who respect licenses already would respect what CC means. Meanwhile, say an art thief would not care how it is licensed.

The way I reason is that if I want to put something in the public internet, then I should not try to apply physical traits to something digital which is infinitley copy-able.
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I like this work.  The overall effect is one of relaxation and loveliness.  However, I noticed that the forearms and hand deviate from being wolf-like to being human.  Is that a characteristic of the character, or is it to denote a change in progress?  
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Thank you a lot!
Well, hands are pretty close to human-like because... my anthros somehow turn out almost always like this. And it fits better to calm and lovely atmosphere then more animal-like hands with claws. Or at least the way I can imagine/draw them. More animal-like paws I use for were-form :) Anyway, thank you for noticing this - it reminded me, that I wanted to make few studies of hands to ge better with them :]
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No problem.  Sometimes the little details can make the difference between a sale and a passed-over, so I decided to ask if the way they were drawn was your intent.  Better to ask than to assume. :)
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BTW, thanks for the llama! :)
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