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InkTober - No. 17: Jump

First finished picture of my characters from ArtRPG - say hi to Orion, the galaxy dragoness, and Larinne Morningstar :3
And used older official inktober theme, couldn't resist to add some colors later ^^

points: 5 (fullbody mount) + 3 (simple shading) + 2 (background) = 10

InkTober - No. 16: Wet by Samantha-dragon || InkTober - No. 0: Getting ready by Samantha-dragon || InkTober - No. 18: Salad Bowl Fun by Samantha-dragon

used: pencil sketch, rubber, black liners, watercolors, salt, gold and (slowly dying) white gel pen
paper: regular white
size: A6
time: ?
references: nope

(c) characters belong to me, Samantha-dragon and are situated to World-of-Colderra
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2016
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I do love to see humans riding their dragons :3  Orion and Larinne look gorgeous!  Also I love that backround as well :D
Awesome work as always Samantha! <3
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Late to reply but thank you a lot! ^^

Hope you will like the new redraw as well :)

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You're welcome ^^

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a tady ji máme! :D super :3
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snad už i konečně dám dohromady ty registrační věci - chtít po mě nějakej slovní popis je někdy dost náročný :D
a stále nelituju volby galaktického zbarvení :3 jen ta gelovka by mohla chtít spolupracovat :D
díky! :3
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