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picture for my :heart: ~Dreit for 1st May of this year because in our country is 1st May similar to better known Valentine usualy celebrated with kissing under cherry-tree (or i guess any nice blooming tree :D ) and because we cant be together much :(
maybe you can remember a bit similar picture from last year, Magnolia:

i took that, did small brainstorm on it (because its really unusual when i like my own picture even year after i finished it O.o) and create new one :3
was playing a bit with more smooth shading, masks, setting my own brush (heh, only some for lines, dots etc. nothing special to see), not putting too much detail in it and rather finish it and catch the emotions - so i hope you will like it - and mainly ~Dreit will! :icondragonshy2:

(please click for full view because there is transparent background around them and dA is sometimes making it rather black -.- )

used: photoshop and wacom tablet
time: not that much as usual XD
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Awwwwwww..... ☺️🌸🌺🍁🌅
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yeeeeah, soooo sweeettt...! :love: 
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So cute and sweet :aww:
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there are few endeavours as noble the pursuit of love and your work shows it their is a warmth and glow to it 
that breathes life and soul to it 5:star:s and a :llama:
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thank you for very kind comment :tighthug:
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awww how romantic and beautiful.
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it should have been romantic :giggle: thank you ^^
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Aaww, that's beautiful ^^
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Your welcome and thanks for the llama ^^
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no problem - can i get one back please? :]
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l3 well....since you said please XD
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Your welcome ^^
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how darn lovely.
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after I saw this I was like aw cute the Isawher eyes ow I wunder if she s blind or not I want to make a blind cheracter one who can't see but is verry wise.
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no, she is not blind, just has not visible pupila - someone call it "empty eye", but she can normally see around.

go ahead, blind charas can be really strong :aww:
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