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Gift: Magnolia IX.

It's again that time - time for another Magnolia picture :) I can't believe it's 9th piece already and also the longest serie of pictures I've ever drawn. So this picture is mainly for my Heart Dreit for 1st May of 2020 because in our country is 1st May similar to better known Valentine usualy celebrated with kissing under cherry-tree (or I guess any nice blooming tree :D (Big Grin) ) and because we still can't be together enough. And thanks to Corona restrictions we can see each other even less... 
Yay for being on time this year :3 And... now I should finish the number 8 for last year, which I missed because of struggling with digital painting and choosing right colors ^^; 

Maybe you can remember other pictures from this "serie" from previous years:…

used: iPad, Autodesk Sketchbook
brushes: pencil :D
filters: nope
references: none

(c) black dragon character Dreit belongs to Dreit, blue dragoness Samantha belongs to me
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2020
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Great work. How's things going?

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Thank you ^^ Just finished my first baking of chocolate cookies, so it's yum-yum mood here :D

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Love is such as beautiful thing. I love the swirls and palette.

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Thank you! I tried to focus more on space usage in the picture so nice to hear it works well ^^
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Looks super cute and romantic! I love seeing these epic gifts with the magnolia petals!
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Thank you ^^ I didn't think it's that much fun to come with new idea for same theme every year :) I'm working on that one missing so hopefully, it'll be finished soon ^^
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You're welcome!! ^^ I'm sure that one will be great as well! :)
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"Dragons in washing machine" would be quite fitting title :giggle:

I can't help myself, it's (again!) really beautiful masterpiece full of love, warmness, dragons and love once more :heart: I really wish to have some place on wall so I could print it in big format and look at it sometimes, ideally every evening before I go to sleep. And ideally live this dream from time to time :)

Also you know what? I think I have new wallpaper at my work PC =P
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It would be really huge washing machine :D

Thank you, I'm so happy you like it :tighthug: :heart: Printing it big might be possible, we just need the wall to hang pictures on :giggle:

D'awww, that's really nice! ^^

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This looks uber romantic! :love:

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Thank you :3 Pictures from these serie seems to be always like that - but... that's what is valentine/1st_may about :)
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You're welcome! ^^

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