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Gift: Magnolia IV

picture for my :heart: Dreit for 1st May of this year because in our country is 1st May similar to better known Valentine usualy celebrated with kissing under cherry-tree (or i guess any nice blooming tree :D ) and because we cant be together enought :( And because I'm so slow (not only but mainly) with digital art it's my gift for his today birthday too! :dummy: Please, go, visit him and say hi to him :]
maybe you can remember a bit similar pictures from 3 last years:
Gift: Magnolia III by Samantha-dragon Got Something For You by Samantha-dragon Magnolia by Samantha-dragon
It's now clear that I made series of magnolia pictures and I hope I'll finish that for the next year on the time :blush:
I think, you can clearly see how I'm trying many diferent styles at digital art as I'm looking for that one I could call "my". This year again without lineart (hooray!) and more in dark colors - yeah, just don't ask me what type of magnolia can shine in the dark XD I wish I could have tree like that on my garden on day :D Previous concept was a bit different, there should be visible magnolia tree in the background but later... I was playing with layers and their settings... and yeah, I removed the finished tree at the end. 
So I hope you will like it - and mainly Dreit will! :icondragonshy1:

used: photoshop and wacom tablet intuos 3
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[Before starting my critique, I have to say I'm really sorry if something I write sounds weird, because my English is not perfect at all... ^w^" But I'll do my best !]

First of all, I have to say I really love this artwork of yours.

The atmosphere of this painting is really peaceful, surreal, thanks to the smoothness of the lines of your two characters, and the sparkly background.
The cuddling dragons, with petals on them, gives me a feeling of sweetness and tranquillity
The soft blue color palette you used, too, contribute to this feeling of claming.

Talking about the background, keeping it simple as you did is, to my point of view, a good idea. Like this, our attention is clearly kept by the two dragons : we know that it is their personal moment, that they are the most important here.
The blue, dark and green sparkles makes me think the characters are in nature, maybe in a forest, laying down on a layer of moss.
By transforming the dragons' environment to sparkles and blur, we really have the impression that the world is disappearing around the couple. They are the only ones existing in this picture.

Talking about the characters now, I really like how you drew them two.
You said you were experimenting with diferent styles, and after seeing your gallery I can say this style suits you really good (but I'm not saying the others weren't of course, but I'd loooove to see more art like that from you).

The only small thing that bothers me in this piece is, maybe, the male's jaw which seems to me a bit too "high"... just an idea like that. (I know people draw fantastic creatures their own way, so I can't really judge.)

Anyway, nice work here !
I hope this small critique will be, somehow, helpful.
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These pictures you draw of you and Dreit. They are :heart::heart::heart::heart:
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Awwwww, I should post more of those sketchy to :] Thank you, it's nice to know people love them ^^ :hug:
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nebesky <3  though I hear that Valentine's day is coming up, you should give a gift for that awesome MR Dreit.
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well, in our country is probably more popular to celebrate 1st May as a day of love then Valentine's day - and sure, he will get present - I have already sketch of another Magnolia series ^^
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Ok that's interesting
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It's so cute :з
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nice to hear, thank you! ^^
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Beautiful work!
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This is very beautiful; I love the emotion you have captured, and the delicate glow of the petals Heart 

Really well done.
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thank you, it's always so nice to hear somebody new likes my works :aww: :hug:
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They're very pretty :) How did you create all the blurry dot effects, if you don't mind me asking?
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you mean those in background? It's made with basic round brush and I played a bit with settings for spacing and more random position and size, transparency set on pen presure + some lower hardness and flow... if I remember right :D Most of the effects I discover usually only by playing with brush settings  - and 99% of this was painted with that basic round-shaped brush only on a bit different settings :)
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Oh wow, I thought maybe you used a filter or something. You made a great effect, it's really polished and tranquil :)
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yeah, it was something like magic for me before but then I realized how to do it and then it's easy :)
thank you, it's nice to hear you like it :] :hug:
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Definitely my favourite! !
i love it mostly because it's blue :D
But I love the designs too! 
Well done ^^ 
Samantha-dragon's avatar
I missed your comment somehow o.o
Thank you, I'm glad you like it too :3 and yeah, blue rules! :3 but not everything blue is beautiful :giggle:
Alecta-DD's avatar
I didn't even remember I commented on it ;-; 
No problem~

And true, but I still love blue :D
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Where is his located? This is so beautiful, I wish I was a dragon sometimes.
Samantha-dragon's avatar
I guess you can choose any nice place to feel like that - and of course the right partner too, that's the main point :) And of course you don't need to be dragon :)
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I agree with you
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Really pretty and adorable, I love it :)
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thank you :aww: nice to hear :)
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