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Gift: Kiss Meme

the biggest part of my present to ~Dreit first no-teen B-day :tighthug:
we talked about this meme few times ago, mainly because there are almost no memes with dragons :( so i used it as surprise for him, its kind of collection of sketches i draw from beggining of our relationship - i guess it can be seen which are older and which i draw now :D

used: tablet, pencil, color pencils, aquarell color pencils, liners, gel pens, pens... and some references to do some thing really close to art noveau (lick kiss)

size: each is different, but no larger than 12x12cm :D only "Golden" (that bodypainting) i drawn in two parts... pencil-only were all on one paper so they are really small :D but i gave all my patience into them :blush: what else should be drawn in bed before sleep than something like this? :meow:

inspiration for kiss types (but mainly names :giggle: all of them we tried =P): [link]
and here is only one other dragon kiss meme we have seen: [link] by *floravola

characters are ours:
blue dragoness Samantha to *Samantha-dragon
black dragon Dreit to ~Dreit
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They look adorable!
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that's my dragoness with dragon character of my boyfriend! :dummy:
And thank you, glad you like it, enought to watch me :aww:
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My pleasure, I was drawing my OC and I needed some help with his mane, I looked at yours for inspiration. I love your art style, I just need to practice in order to improve my own art.
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Looks really good, and you two make a lovely couple!
But just out of a bit of curiosity, did you print it out, draw/color it, and then scan it or did you do it entirely on the computer?
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thank u :aww: he is my great black dragon :giggle: :heart:
no, every picture is drawed on one sheet of paper (usually lines with liner/ink and colored) that scanned and put together to make this meme :)
to draw it digitaly... to be honest im not one of the fastest digital artists ^^; my digital art took AGES to be finished and traditional is much faster and i guess better looking too :D
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:dummy: i like the kisses :D
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Já si představala, že to budou jen nějaké rychloskicy, ale koukám, že jsi si s tímhle dost vyhrála :) Je to moc hezký, takový hrozně roztomilý :aww: Moc se mi líbí "shoulder kiss" a nebo "lick kiss" - to mi tím stylem lineartu připomíná Muchu - ta srst na tom ocase je nádherná. A je super z kolika různých pozic jsi tu nakreslila hlavu - a všechny vypadají moc dobře :aww:
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jo, původně jsem si taky říkala, ale vždycky když už jsem to dopáchala aby to nějak vypadalo tak mi to nedalo a dotáhla sem to v tom mini rozměru do konce :)
jojo, Lick kiss opravdu mělo být v duchu klasicismu, říkala sem si, že to musím někdy vyzkoušet a tady se mi dokonce hodilo takový to uzavření obrázku a výsek pozadí, je to asi jeden z těch, co se mi líbí nejvíc :D
děkuji :aww: brala sem to jako trénink :3
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You're welcome~
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Thye're so cute! :3
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Aaaw :3 To je moc krásný :3 <3
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