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Freebie: Stretching

shoot my ideas :D they always come when i really should not draw them... i have another exams in next days and... whatever - this is for Lowrider-Girl whos character and requested pose catched my mind enought that i remembered about saw this pose somewhere, found it and draw it :D so i hope you will like it :3

used: photoshop, wacom intuos3 tablet and reference picture:
Sitting and Kneeling 38 by ImperialStarletStock

more about free art here:…
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Well now.....this is....erm well.... interesting. The character concept is something I'm use to by now, but I really like how you enhanced it. The character looks........visually appealing and the lines on her look very nice and smooth. The colors on her and the background really clash well and the contrast adds a good contrast.

As for originality since this is kind of based off of a previously established pose I can't much here. I do like how you used a dragon in place of this. I compliment you on the dragon's design though

She looks absolutely stunning. You know how to draw dragons well and your anatomy is spot on and very eye catching even from afar. I also like the way she's posed and the facial expression helps make her rather attracting. Let's just say you have a very good taste in drawing anthros.....

Ahhhh well i don't see many good anthro dragons but here is where a good exception is. I mean I literally want to keep this in my folder so i can keep coming back to it. That's how well of an impression this image as left on me and it's good for artwork to do to people. You WANT them to come back and look at your artwork.

Final Stance
This is really one of the best deviations i've seen you draw. She looks really attractive in that pose and you did well to capitalize it to make into your own thing.
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i... just lost all my words :aww:
thank you for so kind critique, i... aaah, i need to go and draw and forget about all my work i simply have to do :D
im sure there will be many much better pieces but im so glad you like it sooo much :icondragonshy2: 
thank you again! :icondragonhug:
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Wow, this is really amazing that, Congrats, well, the photos generally help and in poses,congratulations, great job! ^.-.^ :D :)
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thank you - and yep, mainly when you need to get to know how the body should looks like (not only how you think it looks like) :D
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you're very welcome! ^.-.^ :)

Yes! certainly! ^.-.^ :)

>.-.> and sometimes it's like you've mentioned.
our intuition sometimes make mistakes! then a photo is a good references. ^.-.^ :)

you're very welcome ^.-.^ :D
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Wow, she's drawn so smoothly and beautifully and her posing is absolutely amazing and beautiful.
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Im glad you like her so much :3 
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You're welcome. Keep up the good work.
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I will do my best :)
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Dang.  Immediately fell for her. :)
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Just an amazing pose and beautiful lines.
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thank you, im glad you like her like this too :aww:
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Definitely won me as a watcher.
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*looks back and forth between the two*

*mistakes the artist for the character* ,_,
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Turned out awesome, always like your art! ^,=,^
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thank you for kind words :thanks: :hug:
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ooooh, very well done. nice pose
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thank you, im glad you like her :]
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I really love the way you capture Dragon anatomy,you make them look so beautiful and graceful!And all the characters you draw are always so pretty and gorgeous!Good luck on your exams Sweetie!:)
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awww, its nice to hear praise on anathomy by you :icondragonshy1: thanks!
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