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Dragons vs. flip-flops

just quick funny pic because now its my exam time on university (and its not much funny for me). Blue dragoness under the hypnose of black dragon put on flip-flops (although she really dont like wearing anything in her dragon form) and now she is offering one pair to black dragon too.
Blue: "ok, u made me to wear them but now its UR turn!"
Black: "eek, ME?!" *steps backward

just a part of really funny RP chat with ~iiimystiii :iconiiimystiii:
Myst, i hope u will like it in color version too :D and i havent made many mistakes in ur char ^^;

PS: im sorry for watermark but this one u can download - and i dont want anybody to steal it... :(

size: A4
used: ink, aquarell color pencils, white gel pen, some reference pics of Myst

(c) art: me *Samantha-dragon :iconsamantha-dragon:
(c) characters: blue dragoness belongs to me *Samantha-dragon :iconsamantha-dragon:, black belongs to ~iiimystiii :iconiiimystiii:
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I think flip-flops wins lol
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Everything seems very well done here. I love the colouring and shading tones, and the whole idea and concept is very cute!
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thank u very much :hug:
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Nice picture!! very cute! =)
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Very nice! However the black one catches my eye more, its really bad ass! I like it ^^ =3 Good job . but both are amazing =) your shading is grate! good job :3
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Hehe this is both so awesome:D and soo cute:aww:
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Lol :D... dragons in flip-flops. Very creative.
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Aww so cool and nice poses!
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