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Contest/mini-event: Frozen Rose

I've been quiet here for some time as my real life was pretty busy and I haven't finished anything more than just rough sketches here and there... :/ So at least, challenge/event I wanted to enter was prolonged and I was able to finish at least one my entry :3 It was nice combination of challenges for me - horse fantasy art (to catch my breath with chance of more using references) and given colour pallete. So... here is my try! :3 
...I really should paint digitally often, I always manage to forget almost everything... :/

used: photoshop, wacom intuos3
time: a lot, forget to count :/
references: for horse, given colour pallete at the top of picture
event: Colour Fragment Show (Class: advanced colour challenge) 
Colour Fragment Show *extended* Ends May 5thExtended to the 5th of May

This year, the colour Fragment challenge is being hosted for the first time!
It's aimed to test ARPG artist in other ways than normal competitions. The classes are different, the idea fresh, and the possibilities are endless. All you need, is your horse.
Information & Rules
-Characters may be any age.
-You may enter up to 2 entries per class (must register every character going into the colour challenge-Fragment challenge you just need to state how many horses your entering)
-No lineart, commissions or entering old images.
-Costumes and accessories are allowed.


Colour Challenge
This class is how well an artist can handle colours, and use them to their advantage. It also includes creativity and problem solving. To enter, you will need to register your horse below (a s
 and results are here:  Colour Fragment show results (march to may editionThank you to everyone who entered this show, it was really fun to host this show, and i love seeing all the entries.
Here are the prizes people will be recieving. Please contact the donor if they don't get to you in a few days.

1st Place (any class)

100 points From AMillionLights
50 points from Tyskian warmblood
Full body drawing from AMillionLights (with background)
Free import from either Rouveri, Royal-RoinadsLimicle, Caedere
Free Tyskian warmblood import
full body, with background from Libertas268
free custom detailed pixel icon by sable-silence
2nd Place (any class)

50 points from AMillionLights 
50 points from Tyskian warmblood
Full body drawing from AMillionLights (no b
(5th place, won nothing)
Participation by AMillionLights
:iconworld-of-colderra: :iconlisqar-equine: 
mount points: 5 (fullbody mount) + 4 (detailed shading) + 2 (background) + 5 (competition picture) = 16

(c) character (Rosita) belongs to me
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2018
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Requested feedback:

This piece is absolutely gorgeous, i really love the composition, the movement and power of the horse in the image, and the way the ground is curved gives it a fantasticly brings the horse forward, making it the centeral part of the image, which is quiet difficult with such bright colours in the sky. I think the way you used the colours, it's great, however, i feel the snow is a bit 'muddy' (meaning the colours have become blotch and rough in a way) which made the snow the horse was flicking up with it's feet blend in so much i really have to look to see it. It could have been nice for that to have been emphasized a bit more, which could have been done by making it a bit more contrasted, such as adding a shadow or ditch under the horse darker, more like the middle colour you were given and using the two lighter colours for the thrown snow.

It would have also been nice if the mountains had been lighter, which would have pushed them into the background, making them seem further back.

However, i am very impressed with this image, and personally, i do really love it. It is one of my favorite out of all the entries, and i think you did a fabulous job. It was a rather hard pallet, and i was very suprised by your choice of background. The red clouds are bold, beautiful, and somehow i still feel Rosita is the focus of the image.

Had i ranked on my favorite images, you would have definitely been in the top three. You should be proud of this image.
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Thank you for so detailed feedback to me piece!
I'm still fighting a lot with digital art and many things doesn't seem to cooperate with me that easy as at traditional techniques. From those you pointed out are mainly colours the problem. But... the challenge was exactly about this so digital was easy choice :D
The problem with snow... I think this was one thing I really wasn't sure how to draw - at least we can recognize it's snow, that's plus point. Thank you for pointing it out, next time I'll try to catch it better!

It surprised me, but pallet you gave fit me pretty good and I got idea right at the moment I saw it :) 
Also, thank you for nice reaction to composition itself, it means a lot to me, I was studying some details about it these days ^^

Thank you for nice competition, I totally look forward next one similar! :la:
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Your welcome :) glad you found it useful.
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OoO soooo beautiful!!!
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Very beautiful work
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Nádherné, moc se mi líbí ty barvy :3
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Díky - barvy jsem dostala dané paletou, takže už to bylo jen o vymyšlení jejich použití :D
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hele, tohle není k tomu transmog fun ne? :D že je to v te složce xD tak jestli to můžu přesunout? :D

jinak se ti to povedlo :D super barvy
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Není, a klidně přesouvej kam je potřeba - hádám, že jsem to aktivně dala mezi eventový věci, že? ^^; asi jsem si neuvědomila, že to není event z Colderry, pardon

Díky - i když barvy... no byly daný paletou xD
WoC-Brissinge's avatar
jj vím že byly daný paletou :D hele, já už udělala paletovejch chllengů mraky a ano, bolí to xDDD zvlášť, když ty barva maj 0 kontrast xD
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Mě to asi pomáhá, protože s výběrem barev v digi dost bojuju (kupodivu v tradi tolik ne), tady konkrétně mě použití napadlo hned, takže to šlo dobře :) 0 kontrast je můj další digi problém, takže to šlo samo :D :D vždycky to musím křivkama pořádně napálit, vrátit zpátky a zděsit se nad originálem :D
WoC-Brissinge's avatar
xD njtn :D ale když ti daj paletu, kde jsou barvy který k sobě vůbec nejsou kontrastní, tak je to horor :D a v rámci zachování barev palety, ani nemůžeš ty křivky nahodit xD
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No, tady k tomu psali, že si dokonce můžeš přidat bílou a černou, což jsem se snažila přidávat fakt málo (a černou vůbec, ale to je prakticky obecně) a efekty vrstev prý jsou taky v pohodě, pokud z toho bude paleta rozpoznatelná :) Je fakt, že ty challenge kde to berou opravdu brutálně a pomalu člověk nesmí udělat přechod z barvy do barvy... to je spíš na prd než challenge :D
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This is freakin’ AWESOME!
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Awww, thank you! ^^
DarkGrievous7945's avatar

Sry I am so far behind!

I still sit on over 2K notifications presently!
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Yeah, don't worry about it, I have similar numbers here as well! XD
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Isn’t it just exciting to have more messages and crap than you can actually handle? XD
Samantha-dragon's avatar
It absolutely is exciting but I feel little bad for not replying to all comments I get on time :(
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I was kind being sarcastic

Believe me, I feel the same...
I sometimes don’t reply for lack of words tho!
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I see! :D
Yeah, I guess it's similar everywhere - sometimes I think about times when +fav was so rare for me that I said thank you for that user... :)
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To je dokonalý :3
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