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Contest/event: Beach (painting)

As the deadline was getting closer I was losing all hopes to finish the repaint on time - but suddenly today I grabbed pen and tablet after ages... and at the evening I had this. Yay! At first I though I'll paint this with watercolors but digital happened :D
And yeah, this is repaint of physical scene:
Contest/event: Beach (origami) by Samantha-dragon
Easy to comparise:
Entry1 (origami) + 2 (repaint) (comparison) by Samantha-dragon

used: photoshop, wacom intuos3
references: my photo of physical scene, google images for sea and horses
event: (CZ/SK pridano) *OPEN*Azol'Amath Carnival 2018
mount points: 5 (fullbody mount) + 4 (detailed shading) + 2 (background) + 5 (competition picture) = 16 + 2 for second place
Bonuses+ 1 EP (event points)
results: *RESULTS* A'AC Carnival 2018 2nd place
Nuzky2nd by WoC-Brissinge  2nd Place 2018 by WoC-Brissinge

(c) character (Rosita) belongs to me
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2018
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What a lovely picture of a lovely horse ^^ I like the paintery style of beach and the shells ^^
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Díky! Mám tenhle obrázek docela ráda a pořád žasnu jak jsem to já mohla v digi dokázat :D jen mi štve, že zopakovat to nedokážu x.x
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That beach and water is really beautiful! I really love your pretty horse Rosita too! :>
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Thank you! Yeah, Rosita is my favourite horse at this time too :3 
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You're welcome! 
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To je parádní :33
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Díky moc! Už jsem přestávala doufat, že stihnu aspoň něco... :D
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Wow, nádhera!
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very nice Cool Emoticon Love Bravo #2
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Love the horse! I'm a sucker for anything with wing(except certain bugs😣)
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Thank you! Funny is that wings here are pretty easy, because of the partial transparency ;) But you should try them, feathers are difficult but fun to draw ^^
lmhfantasy's avatar
I know, right? I can never get the details right on my feathered wings but I always enjoy drawing them, along with fairy wings and dragon wings
SerenityFeueropal's avatar
Beautifully drawn and very majestic! I especially like how the wings are see-through.
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Yeah, that's (one) fancy part of Lisqar breed :3 Thank you!
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Beautiful! I also really like what you did with the blankets and the shells!!
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Thank you! I wasn't happy too much about photo of scene but it turned way better at painting ^^
TheDevilsJourney's avatar
I really like the idea of acting it out!! both look awesome! :heart:
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Oh yeah, I liked this idea too, that was one of reasons why to join that event :D Thank you once again ^^
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Thank you! ^^ I'm happy about this too :3
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