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Contest: Sysierius the Tail-grabber

update: I didn't win anything (I got 4th or 5th place), you can check the winners here: Draw a headshot and win moneys (winners)

Contest entry for sysierius :iconsysierius: (more info here: Draw a headshot and win moneys! (UPDATE!) ) - well, I almost didn't belive I can finish this on time even when the dealine was extended two times :faint: I'm so slow with arts rigth now, thanks to school duties mainly... :/ 

Our task was to draw Sys' portrait in realistic way... so, making this sketch was quite easy because Sys loves to grab and nom tails of others XD so here, please enjoy one shot when we caugth you to noming your own tail =P And yeah, it's true that Sys may looks here a bit less cute then we are used to but... that was one of my goals so... I hope you will like it :blush:

used: small traditional sketch, photoshop, wacom intuos3 drawing tablet
time: total time is about one day full of work I guess? I always forget to count ^^; 

character belongs to sysierius
art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon
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May 19, 2015 7:12:19 PM +00:00
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Oh my god he's so fucking cute! I love him!
Samantha-dragon's avatar
heheh, thank you! ^^
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what gave him the idea to grab tails?
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I'm not sure, when I met him he was already grabbing them from everybody :D
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Emanuel (#EdI) is prone to jump on the backs of larger dragons and ride.
OoOAscardaOoO's avatar
I love your gallery :P Iam looking for pictures ^^
Samantha-dragon's avatar
d'awwwww, thank you! :huggle:
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you're welcome :)
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He finally caught it! C:
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I love the expression on his face:)  Your dragons are very beatiful and it shows all the hard work you did on this!
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awww, thank you! :aww: Comments like this can always cheer me up :]
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You're welcome :)
PuNK-A-CaT's avatar
Tee hee, love the look on his face!
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Your dragons are always so beautiful!
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