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Contest/Event: Rope wrestling trouble

Location  Colderra
Phew, I made it on time before final deadline!
Okay, not in the traditional way as I was hoping for but at least something ready to submit :3 I'm not submiting anything recetly because I'm working from morning to late evening on diaries and calendars, which is really hectic, returning home just to sleep. Lucky me having iPad and I had to travel yesterday so I managed to paint on the highway (not simply sleep) :D 
It looks like anything can't go smooth, not even in my event pictures :D Stripe obviously has trouble with wrestling ropes.

used: Autodesk Sketchbook on iPad

references: yup
mount points: 4 (detailed shading) + 5 (fullbody) + 2 (background) + 5 (competition picture) = 16 points (+ 1 extra for 3rd place)

Mount name (with ref. link): Stripe | age: 6 years (random bear in background)
Discipline: Colderrian grandPrix 2021 (Rope wrestling), reg. number 3
Bonuses: 0 EP (Stripe)
Extra points: (none)
Results: CGPX 2021 - results (3rd place)

(c) character (Stripe) belongs to me
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2021
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What a gorgeous and wild looking horse! 8D

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Ayee, thank youu! ^^

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