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Contest/Event: Peaceful ride at the end of day

The event day was long for both Rosita and Larinne, that's for sure :) For me it was long month and half filled with this HARPG event, that mean ideas, sketching, painting and submiting on time. Which is something I definitelly needed, to build some habit to draw and paint more regulary I do need to create. And to work more on these, because I need to finish all the old things and turn some future art "career" ideas to reality.
So, here, enjoy some peaceful ride on beach with endless sunset a
nd calming sound of ocean around you. Also as celebration of (for some time) last picture with horse and girl :D yay to me, I managed to complete entries to all 7 disciplines, plus one for arrive... at these also turned to be some kind of serie (ah, only one is off as full digital) :dummy:
Hopefully, you enjoy great summer (holidays)! :sunny:

Later I will replace this photo with better scan.

used: liners, watercolors, white gel pen
paper: popAquarell
size: A6
:iconworld-of-colderra: :iconlisqar-equine: 
mount points: 4 (detailed shading) + 5 (fullbody) + 2 (background) + 5 (competition picture) = 16 points + 3 (1st place)
mount gems: 1 (fullbody) + 0,5 (competition entry) = 1,5 gem + 0,5 (1st place)

Mount name (with ref. link): Rosita | age: 2+ years
Rider name: Larinne Morningstar | age: 25+ human years
Discipline: FELKEN FAIR 2019 (Mounted acrobacy)
Bonuses: 4 EP (Rosita) + 1,5 EP (Larinne) = + 5,5 EP (event points)
Items used for Larinne (5 points total):
Crafted: Nagamit earrings (3 points)
Crafted: Hair clip set (1 point)
Crafted: Linen tunic (1 point)
Extra points: spreading word (+ 2 points)
Results: *Results* FELKEN FAIR 2019 (ENG) (1st place)

(c) characters (Rosita and Larinne) belong to me
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2019
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Lovely job! The water is absolutely stunning! What did you use for the white highlights?
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Thank you! 
Those reflections and outlines are drawn with white gel pen over finished watercolor painting :)
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I might get one myself, thank you very much :)
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You are welcome, good luck with these! ^^
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Larinne looks quite exhausted and I bet Rosita is too! They look beautiful and I love how you did the water and sunset! :)
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we all three are feeling like this! :D Thank you ^^
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You're welcome ^^
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