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Contest/Event: Kite flies a... dragon?

It seems like something went a bit wrong with this show :D Let's hope wind won't be too strong to fly Rava too far away before she could get the kite under control again :D
(Dis)advantage of working on more ideas for one competition is that you can finish them almost at the same time... or that you may end without any entry ^^; 
I'm really happy how that little crowd turned out, yay! :3 So many faces and hands... and animals from memory.

Later I will replace this photo with better scan... my scanner ate all colors again :/

used: liners, watercolors, few touches of white gel pen
paper: popAquarell
size: A6
references: none
El mount points: 3 (simple shading) + 5 (fullbody) + 2 (background) + 3 (Whisp) = 13 points
Kuma mount points: 3 (simple shading) + 5 (fullbody) + 2 (background) = 10 points

Mount name (with ref. link): Pet dragon Rava
Discipline: Colderrian grandPrix 2019 (Companion show off)
Items used: Crafted: Linen tunic (+1 point)
Watchers (from left to right): Ellesaraya (mine), Silvanis and Evergreen (griffidonka), Veleslav (Azraelangelo), Kuma and Whisp with Larinne (mine), Caroline (prte1)
Results: *RESULTS*CgpX 2019 (2nd place)

(c) characters belong to their owners as written above
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2019
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That's some wind! I can just hear what she's probably thinking "Saveeee meeee!!!".
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I guess so! :D But after it all, she is alright :)
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Super, tohle je prostě boží :D 
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Oh that is quite an eventful piece. You certainly get the feel of an unexpected situation there! :)
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Thank you! I'm happy that you can feel the atmosphere of the picture - it's some new emote for me to get there, quite more difficult compared to those love/sweet/romantic :)
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Nevím proč, ale první dojem: BOŽE, TO JE TAK ROZTOMILÉÉÉ :heart: *Ravar is coming to save Rava* few minutes later *Rava and Ravar flying under kite and then happily the tree catch them* :D
Páni, fakt se mi to strašně líbí :heart: A ihned mi to zvedlo náladu (a taky rozehřálo tělo po dnešku) <3
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Jéé, tohle je prostě tak moc milé, že jsem si to musela nechat chvíli koukat ve zprávách :]
Jsem moc ráda, že se tenhle trochu trhlý nápad a obrázek líbí a dokonce že i zvedl náladu, to bych si netroufala slibovat ^^
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Tvl, Veleslav tam má toľko ženských okolo seba. sa nečudujem, že toľko chlastal :D Inak podarený obrázok :)
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Nojo, já a chlapi, to nedopadá zatím úplně dobře :D A taky jsem vybírala ze zúčastněných a tam míváme nějak převahu ženských :D díky!
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