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Contest/Event: Hunt

It's been so long I painted digitally! And not at mine pc with unknow brushes... it's hard. So at least what I could do, some kind of speedpaint? :] I did like the sketch and didn't wanted to just throw it away.

used: photoshop, wacom intuos3

references: none
mount points: 3 (simple shading) + 5 (fullbody) + 2 (background) + 5 (competition picture) = 15 points
Mount name (with ref. link): Orion | age: 3+ years
Rider name: Larinne Morningstar | age: 25+ human years
Race: Reptile winter show 2018 (hunt, main picture)
Bonuses: 4,5 EP (Orion) + 1,5 EP (Larinne) = + 6 EP (event points)
Items used for Larinne (+ 2 points total):
CgpX rewards - elemental jewelerry (air pendant) (2 points)
probably not counting as those are not visible
Extra points: 3 hunters | spreading word (submited Orion swimming mini-story as preparation for show, 4 pictures in total)
Results: RWS 2019 *Results* (3rd place) (+ 1 point)

(c) characters (Orion and Larinne) belong to me
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2019
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The speed blur is really neat xD i really gives the feel of motion.
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Thank you, that's big advantage of digital art :D
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That dragon's colours are really rather mesmerizing to look at! :o
Samantha-dragon's avatar
I feel it the same! I slapped colors here and there and this is what come out... one more reason to finish it at least to this sketchy thing and submit :) Thank you! ^^
savrin330's avatar
I love the poses for this! Orion looks so sparkly and shiny and lovely and Larinne is so cute there riding them!
The green of the forest goes really well with the purple dragon! Great job on this! ^^
Samantha-dragon's avatar
To be honest, I posted this mainly because I liked sketch of pose too and too much to just leave it hoping to use it later (and we all know how it ends...) - so you made me happy you like the pose too! ^^
And yup, I wasn't even hoping for getting good color combination but this end like good combo - bright but still combo. I will probably use it sometimes again, I think that purple is nicely "poping out" of the picture :3
Thank you, Sav! :hug:
savrin330's avatar
You're welcome! :hug:
CougarHearted's avatar
The flying/leaping pose here looks rather swift and graceful!
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Thank you! It's not easy to get perspective right here but I think it turned out good. Nice to hear you enjoy it :)
CougarHearted's avatar
You're welcome! 8D
TsuriaDragon's avatar
Draggy Pounce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
SerenityFeueropal's avatar

This is really good for being out of your element! If you hadn't said you were struggling with someone else's computer, I wouldn't even be able to tell!

Samantha-dragon's avatar
Awww, you are too nice saying this! I feel it's somewhere at speedpaint level, good, but I spend here way too much time which can't be seen, sadly. Hope to get the settings right to be able work quicker next time :)
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