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Contest/Event: Furious Blizzard

I guess I've chewed a bit too much again ^^; Try to draw dragon which would not look nice/cute/pretty/cuddly. Winter storm. Mountains. Human rider. Digital art. Huge original size. All checked :D I'm not satisfied with everything but it at least made me try it. I though I'll paint this traditionally (as usual, probably with gouache) but sketching difficult pose ideas is easier in digital... suddenly, I had too pretty background in digital to just throw it away, oops, so I had to paint the rest digitaly too :D Using still pretty unfamiliar software because I needed to use brushes with same texture...
Funny fact - this time the rider looks even better than the dragon, I'm afraid, even though I didn't use any reference. At least is all that training of humans for something, yay ^^ 

Edit: The show was attacked by mad dragon hunters! Here is second part of true fight for life:
Contest/Event: Fight for Life by Samantha-dragon

used: Autodesk Sketchbook on iPad
references: random winter mountains nature, firebreathers but no human faces, yay! 
mount points: 4 (detailed shading) + 4 (halfbody?) + 2 (background) + 5 (competition picture) = 15 points
Mount name (with ref. link): Orion | age: 3+ years
Rider name: Larinne Morningstar | age: 25+ human years
Race: *OPEN* Dragon winter show 2019 (battle show off)
Bonuses: 4,5 EP (Orion) + 1,5 EP (Larinne) = + 6 EP (event points)
Items used for Larinne (9 points total):
Crafted: Flayer's tiara (2 points)
Crafted: Hair clip set (1 point)
Crafted: Nagamit earrings (3 points)
Crafted: Red riding hood (1 point)
CgpX rewards - elemental jewelerry (air pendant) (2 points)
Results: *RESULTS* DWS 2019 (6th place + special awards/title Hard trier - [Percival's commentary: "She might be toxic, she might be brave and loyal, but despite her sharp teeth and tough horns, she still is a lady. Orion is the trophy girl among dragons, the catwalk model. Her shimmery scales, soft cat paws and galaxy starfield patters do not go well with fear."])

(c) characters (Orion and Larinne) belong to me
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2020
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Wow this is awesome!!! I think you did an amazing job with the movement and I love the fire! 

That's interesting that you find difficult poses easier on digital! I actually had to sketch mine out on paper before I could start xD 
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Thank you! I tried hard and spend way too much time on this picture :D

Oh yeah, in digital there are tools to easily correct small errors (like head too big/small) or how to easily move parts around to find best size and position :) I don't use it always but when planning bigger picture I use almost always digital sketch first ^^
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I would say that Larrine (the elf) looks best here! I love the outfit, pose, hair, expression for her! I like her glowing green staff too! 
The dragon looks amazing too, just not as good as Larrine does.
I really like the dragon fire and flying pose for this too!
The blizzard sure looks like a big storm, which blizzards always are. 
I really like this piece and I'm glad you shared it with us! c:
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I think so, I was really surprised how easy it was this time to draw human face and even looking like I wanted for the first try ^^ Dragon itself was conpared to the human big fight, probably thanks to strange angle of view and fact I wanted Orion to look a bit less friendly than usual... 
Thank you! It was challenge for sure but I'm happy to complete it as the result is better than for what I was hoping for :3
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You're welcome! You're certainly improving lately :3