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Contest/Event: Fight for Life

Phew, it seems like I'm back to old times when I was finishing and submiting event entries in evening of last day :/ But, I've done at least something, right? :D Again I think I chewed a bit too much and hoping to finish quick... I played again with gouache after some time (for some reason, I always feel like I know nothing about it at start of painting), tried to add there a bit deeper perspective and more motion. Also, snow storm in traditional... pfff :D 
First part is here:
Contest/Event: Furious Blizzard by Samantha-dragon

used: gouache
size A5
references: nope
mount points: 4 (detailed shading) + 5 (fullbody mount) + 2 (background) + 5 (competition picture) = 16 points
Mount name (with ref. link): Orion | age: 3+ years
Rider name: Larinne Morningstar | age: 25+ human years
Race: Dragon winter show 2019 (fight after show)
Bonuses: 4,5 EP (Orion) + 1,5 EP (Larinne) = + 6 EP (event points)
Items used for Larinne (visible) (2 points total):
Crafted: Hair clip set (1 point)
Crafted: Red riding hood (1 point)
Results: *RESULTS* DWS 2019 (survived, get rare trinket)

(c) characters (Orion and Larinne) belong to me
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2020
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I really love the flying poses for them! The wings and tail feathers are beautiful! Orion and Larrine look fantastic! 
The griffin behind them look amazing too! I love the snowstorm as well! The fire and perspective are really great too! 
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I'm not happy too much about this picture but it's nice to see you like it even like this ^^
Thank you!
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You're welcome!