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Finally completed commission for :iconsavrin330: savrin330, I must thank you for being that patient with me :blushes: Here, enjoy this little bonus please:
Commission bonus: Surprised Clyde by Samantha-dragon
I really hope it's good enough as you mentioned and you like it :) Yay for truly winter with snow and fun! :dummy:
Just a photo now, when I'll get better scan I will edit it here too UPDATED :)

used: liners, color pencils
size: little cropped A5

(c) character Clyde belongs to savrin330
(c) art by Samantha-dragon
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Jesus!  That white and Black dragon is absolutely gorgeous!
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Yeah, I like Clyde design too! :3 He belongs to savrin330 :)
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                  *Free Icon/Emote* Toothless (Love it!) 
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I am tearing up just looking at it, this is so amazing!! ^_^
I am sure I will love it even more when scanned in! :D
I love his scarf and the anatomy is wonderful! :)
It has been so long since I have seen snow other than a few inches once this year, this picture makes me so happy!  :D
The purple and green dragon look awesome too!
I think Clyde will make a snowdragon here!  He is having lots of winter fun here!  Maybe there will be snowball fight later! xD
It's just so amazing I would love it mailed to me! 
Thank you so so very much! ^^
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I'm really glad you like the result that much! :aww: It was challenge to draw snow, I tried it only once before I guess :D
And yeah, winter here was same poor, I even didn't build any snowman or snowdragon :(
No, I thank you for being awesome! :huggle:
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The snow looks great, very realistic!  :D  I used your donate button for the shipping but could not give my address there.  Would you prefer that I give you my shipping address in a note?
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nice to hear, I hope to draw more snowy pictures :3
oh, okay, to Notes please, I'll note to diary too :)
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updated submission with scan ^^ and ready to ship, I think next week I should be able to sent it to you :)
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It looks really good ^^ and I that is great news, I will love it I am sure! :)
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I thought the question would end in to build a snowman.
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it sounded for me too much Frozen-like :D And... I guess dragons build probably "snowdragons".
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It was funny though.
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