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Commission: SP4: Buttons to Anniversary

DarkAfi4 commissioned me to draw two portrait buttons of her character and character of her boyfriend for their anniversary - I'm terribly slow but I'm glad I was on time (no matter it was five to twelve :D)

used: as usual, liners, Polychromos colored pencils, gold gel pen plus some PC editing (structured background, heart etc.)

Hope you will like them too :]

this is part of project of mine:
Cheap weekly sketchbook commissions - CLOSEDEdit:
I'm sorry but I must officially say that I couldn't beat this challenge. Thanks to school combinated with work and one bigger set of commissions I'm trying to work at made situation at which I can't offer even these... I won't accept more commissions of this type. And I'm not sure about taking any more commissions at this time to be honest - I really don't want to be unfair and make you waint all the time, that is not nice. Only already taken slots are going to be finished, of course :)
I'm sure I'm going to try beat this challenge someday later - it looked as fun :] You can check my actual "to do list" here: (color bullets means how far I'm with it). As you can see I have almost everything sketched - I can sketch at school and on my ways (haha, yeah, they are crappy :D) but I can't take watercolors to school XD Imagine that :D That's something I love about ACEOs - I can simply take it with me, grab and take some color pencils

If someone would be interested, I can make buttons for you too :) (Smile) From your picture or from my, it doesn't matter. And of course from one piece in many different sizes - just Note me for more info.
Commission info: Badge-Button price listMy actual status about commissions/trades/etc. is on my profile page (right side, in the middle). If you are interested in craft trade simply Note me please and we can talk about it (even when art trades are closed).
If you would get lost at all the informations or want to know something I didn't write here, feel free to Note me with your questions :)
What can I offer
I primary offer making of button from given data. That means you already have some picture you want to use on button, send it to me, get the preview PDF and pay. I make the button and send it to you. Sometimes I'll open special type of commissions when you can order picture drawn by me especially for your button + making (one or more) button with that picture at the same time.
Why me?
I hate making advertisement on myself but without it bussiness simply doesn't work. So here we go. I can offer you personal approach, help with choosing right picture and some simple editions of that picture

more buttons by me:
Gift: Button of halloween Samantha by Samantha-dragon Commisison: AzureParagon button by Samantha-dragon Commission: Set of buttons for CraftyMaelyss by Samantha-dragon
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Apr 3, 2015, 4:19:51 PM
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Yeah, you can commission me to make original buttons for you :meow:
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(I'm sorry for late reply, I wasn't much checking comments and I got a ton of them :[)
We can talk via Notes even here, I'm okay with it if you are too - the only thing you would need is having a PayPal or ability to send money to my PayPal somehow (I'm not sure how it works with different symilar projects or credit cards...) :)
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it ok! :0 a lot ton? whoa that nice! it ok! but i am too young for that XD by way I dont have any paypal or card!   :)
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heh, yeah, and today again! :D 
Ah, so that's pity - maybe only ask somebody else to send money for you? I know there is option to pay money for letter when it arrives but that's much more expensive than regular registered shipping :(
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huh yes that true ;-; by way thx for share Wink/Razz Wink/Razz Wink/Razz 
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I hope there will be more soon to share :3 I'm working on one bunch of commissioned buttons even with picture made special for that :)
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how many cost that?
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(huh, another missed comment, how do I do this?? x.x)

Making of one button cost $ 1.5 USD - right now I'm working on regular commission info so I hope there will be soon all the infomations at one place :)
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if my computer will load... :(
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hmmm, try it later? or you can give me llama through this page (no need to load huge profile page):…
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there you go- gave u a 3D Llama Badge 
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wow!! my friend would love ur work! btw, thx for the llama!
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awwww, nice to hear! :icondragonshy1: you can always show to him/her, I'm happy to make more buttons etc. :meow:

and you are welcome, may I get one llama too please? :3
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totallyLlama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] one llama comin ur way!
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I think you did a great job on them.  They look lovely.
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thank you :]
now I'm going to work on another page which is for you - I'm sorry it takes me so long, I really wasn't expecting that >.<
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You're welcome :)
If you haven't started mine yet, could you make it spring themed since winter is over?  If you already started mine, the winter theme is fine with me.  I'm sure I will love it.

You can take your time with mine.  I do not mind waiting for it.  I was very busy too for months so it's no problem.
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