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Commission: Icon for Jafira

icon for ~Jafira is finally done in way i feel good about :aww: i really hope that this a bit abstract scales and background is okay :]
that thing in mouth should be glow stick ;)

yeah, and here is version without background - im not sure which one is better: [link]
WIP without scales and background: [link]

used: tablet, photoshop, references [link]
time: i dont know

character belongs to ~Jafira, art to me
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OoOAscardaOoO's avatar
*_* oh my gosh i love it >__<
Samantha-dragon's avatar
darks and glowing, right? :3 thank you
Draithen's avatar
That glow stick is really awesome :)
Samantha-dragon's avatar
hehe, one of nice ways how to get the black dragon a bit more colorfull :3 thank you! :aww:
Mokuoo's avatar
Oh my gosh, glow sticks! -raves- hehe, cute picture, I like the greens/blue'ish? Very nice! xD
Samantha-dragon's avatar
thank you - yeah, it should be kind of "aqua" color :)
Diarsie's avatar
Nemáš za čo :)
Jafira's avatar
Looks perfect, thank you for your patience and the time you spent on it, he turned out awesome, thanks again :)
Samantha-dragon's avatar
im so glad u like it :aww:
welcome, i thank u for commission me :)
Samantha-dragon's avatar
yellowsmoke321's avatar
nice use of light
the green glow stick makes me think of it as a radioactive cylinder
Samantha-dragon's avatar
thank u :aww: i was a bit woriied how it came out - its black dragon and on small icon he might look like dark silhouete :/ so now i hope not :D
a bit XD
yellowsmoke321's avatar
yes it turned out well in terms of lighting
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