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Commission: I Swear It Was an Accident!

fullview please for more details ;)

Another digital fullcolored commission for tomcio199214 as present for Navarose - he wanted me to draw Nava and Erica with present(s) and in Christmas mood - and he gave me artistic freedom about the rest of it. Well, I got this idea right when he asked me if I can do it :D I know him a bit and this is something that I think he like... so I did sketch, then few more sketches but no other was good enough to work with. So... I present you how it could look when Erica (red one) spends Christmas with Nava (brown one) together. And this is right after "accident" :giggle:

used: no references (wow o.o only for characters design), photoshop, wacom intuos3 drawing tablet + few tons of time

characters belong to their owners:
Erica (red dragoness) to tomcio199214
Nava (brown dragoness) to Navarose
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You're supposed to decorate the tree ladies, not yourselves! Looks cute, and very funny. I'm sure it was quite "accidental".
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Hehehe, yup, thank you! It absolutelly was accident :D :D
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wow this is amazing!! :3
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You can see the xmas lights reflecting in his eyes... o_o
Samantha-dragon's avatar
her - but, yeah, I love this detail and I'm glad you can see it too! :3
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Oh my, how most awkward.
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Uh... I'm guessing for the two 'nesses involved?
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well, the red one seems more to enjoy that "accident", the brown one is simply surprised and can't believe her eyes how it ends... or at least that's my point of view :[
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Oh, so it's only I who thinks it looks awkward. Okay, then, carry on. ^ ^
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well, me, my commissioner and final owner - we both saw it more like I wrote :giggle: maybe we are a bit crazy? :D
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Huh, guess it's all just perspective interpretation, then.
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yep :] and about on how much playfull pictures is viewer used to.
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Oh mai gaaawd, what happened here??!?!?!?!?!?! :D:D:D:D:D

Ahh, I can't tell you how much I love Nava's face expression XDDDDDD Oh mai, it's priceless!!!! :lmao:

Hehehehe, what a funny situation :D And the work you made on it... it's fantastic! *-*
The anatomy, the colours, the expressions... every single detail looks so perfect, you did Nava's marks and patterns perfectly, everything is fine and... and... aaaaahhhh, I can't help staring at it, it's SO funny! :D:D:D:D:D:D

Awww, this is such a pretty gift, thank you so much for both of you, it made me smile so so much! :D:D
I LOVE IT!!!!! :heart:

Samantha-dragon's avatar
*me and tomcio199214 are pretending being angels* "oh, only small accident during decorating christmas tree, honestly!"

yay, you too? I liked it right from the start too! XD

awww, I'm so glad you like it even that much! :love: I have to say I was a bit worried if it's not a bit too much... playfull :[
yep, making marks and patterns was a bit tricky (I have to rotate and transform your CS around few times to make them right :giggle:) but I'm glad I did them right :3 I have to work more on backgrounds, here it looks a bit empty... but at picture like this I understand that background is here only... on background, to characters do not flow in the middle of nothing, but we all stare at those two girls in quite eyecatching situation! :D

Nice to hear that, it was fun for me too :huggle:
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Hehehehe, I can imagine that xP
But it was a really big surprise! :D

No, you don't have to be worried, it's okay, it's still in the cute category :D

Ohh yes, I know that, I have to to the same when I want to draw again my own OCs xD Rotate it, zoom in, zoom out, select the right tones... ahh, so difficult xP

I think you did everything well, you can be proud of yourself :3

Thank you once again! :huggle:
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I pick up a good artist to make nice picture with Christmass theme. So all of us are happy with the final result :hug:
Samantha-dragon's avatar
:aww: yep, it's always nice to hear
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Hahaha, nice!!!!!
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obviously, we need more accidents
Samantha-dragon's avatar
hehe, I'm sure more will come ;)
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