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Commission: Hug from Back

commission for MHP (from FA) with Patxi (from FA)
for your own commission please send me note or e-mail:

its still difficult for me to draw male anthros but i hope it cant be seen on it - almost everything in this picture is new for me :D first time to draw husky, sergal, sakuram, two boys together in love... well, hope you will like it :)

used: liners, aquarell color pencils for light underpaint, color pencils for colors and shading
references: none, only some sergal pictures and husky and sakura photos
time: way too long (it turned from colored sketch to full two char commission, but i dont care, i enjoyed drawing it :))

(c) character belongs to their owners (husky to MHP, sergal to Patxi)
(c) art is mine
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Very nice! Great Sergal! So few people draw them. My son is a Sergal.
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yeah, that's true, funny is that Sergals are quite well known species at the same time O.o
this was my first but I guess there will be more :)
thank you! ^^
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I look forward to seeing them! My son commissioned a fur suit. It is almost done. He is wearing it at a small con near Milwaukee in February. He is so excited!
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awwww, that sounds sweet, you sound like great mum! :aww:
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Aww, thanks! I don't know if the boys would say it, but their friends think we are cool patents.😄
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you are pretty welcome, children always will understand this later when they grow up :) 
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Krásna práca aj koncept. Toto je fakt dobré!
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Děkuju mockrát za pochvalu - o to víc, že o tom vážně něco víš, vzhledem k tvojí galerce :thanks:
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Nemáš za čo a tiež ti ďakujem Hug 
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i thought i saw a sergal in ther :o    :D   its really good!
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there is sergal ;) thanks 
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i  have a charicter  that is a young sergal :3
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Nice.                                                                                                            Double Paws 
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