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Commisison: AzureParagon button

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800x800px 371.18 KB
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1/50 second
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35 mm
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Date Taken
Apr 21, 2015, 1:25:04 PM
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btw  how much cost it? oh i see 1USD?
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yeah, making of one button is 1 USD, shipping depends on destination country :)
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how much would it to shipp it to Germany?
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it depends a lot on count of buttons:
1-3 buttons with diameter 37 mm or 1-2 buttons with diameter 58 mm for $3 USD
4-"more" buttons with diameter 37 mm or 3-"more" buttons with diameter 58 mm for $4 USD ("more" = limits are taken from post weight limits and if you happen to be interested in more buttons I can tell you it too)

I send those via registered letter with insurace so if there would be some accident with letter I can ask post to pay me back and I can remake and sent you new :)
PayPal is prefered.

And I'm open to discuss about more different size and variants (such as mirrors, magnets, keychains etc.) looking like buttons but here may price vary. These classic buttons are the cheapest. ;)
Please, ask me about anything you need :)
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thank you for the info ^w^
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you are welcome :) if you happen to be interested I'm open to make you preview of circle shape cut of picture you want for free :)
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How much are button commissions? I've never heard of this before and it looks really cool! :D
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Well, making of one button cost $1 USD - no matter if you gave me ready data (picture) for it or if I use some picture by me. Commissions of drawing new picture special for you and your button by me are sadly closed right now - but I will announce when I'm open again :) I love to make buttons for others, funny is that in real I don't enjoy much to use them myself :D
Shipping is a bit more expensive, if I saw right you are from Australia - I'm from center Europe so... overseas shipping is $4 USD via registered mail (it means that letter has insurace which covers making new button and shipping to you if the registeref mail would arrive broken somehow or if it would get lost on way). If you happen to be interested in making more than one button, I think that about 2 or 3 may fit into this shipping price (shipping is changing along weight of letter too).
Thank you for your interest! :aww:
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Awesome, because I have a few ideas for making buttons,
one is of my avatar, the little flashing dude but I'll show you the 'night'
version that I use everywhere :)…
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Superb! :meow:
That should work okay :) I would just need a bit more color around so there won't appear white stroke at the edges of button - but that's something I think we can repare with a bit of photoshoping :)
I can show you PDF with picture fitted on button area for free if you are really interested :)
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Oh yes please! Btw how big are the buttons themselves because if it's a small one,
it doesn't bother me at all :) I think having something as personal as your avatar/icon
on a button is really cool! :D
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I have now material in stock for two sizes: diameter 37mm and 58mm but I can order smaller or bigger too :)
Okay, will note you with PDF! :)
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37mm sounds good, I can't wait to see it :D
Samantha-dragon's avatar
I've just send you preview PDF via Notes - I did it on diameter 58mm but that's nothing different on smaller one, everything is just smaller a bit :)
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Yay! *monkey dance* lol
Samantha-dragon's avatar
:icondragonkekeplz: glad you like it! :3
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These buttons are so amazing! 
Samantha-dragon's avatar
It's nice to see that somebody other is amazed about them too! :D To be honest, I love that idea to join my/others art our daily routine through this - sadly I don't like much pinning these on things but I love to make them for others :aww:
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They are very nice and the art is lovely so I may consider ordering one once I get a paypal account.
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WHOAH, amazing!

I'm not going to order any thou, don't have budget for it, but... How much for one? xD
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hehe, glad you like it - I love to make them! :3

Well, making of one button from already existing data is for $1USD now :) but shipping is a bit more, about $3USD via registered letter (for Europe).
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You're welcome!

I'd like to order one... When I have money... However, it's in my price range if I would save for it :3
Samantha-dragon's avatar
okay :] so let me know then - I'm always open to make custom buttons from your data :)
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