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Collab: Hen'aiy

second part (coloring) from 12th round collaboration on portraits through :iconraixchange: :)
I enjoyed this collabs quite a lot, for some reason I founded it relaxing :3 maybe thanks to simplicity of this round where we should draw only portraits without background.
hope you will like how it turned out - this time I tried digital coloring again and be a bit more realistic

used: photoshop, wacom instuos3 tablet, references

you can check my lineart to this round here:
Collab: Bobby by Samantha-dragon

character belongs only to Inghelene
lineart is by TheFailedDream
colors are by me Samantha-dragon
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Impact

This seems so realistic that it blows my mind that people make stuff digitally and it look like reality. I think that the colors you used together really made this an eye-catcher to me. It feel s like it is staring at me, breaking the fourth wall. I really love this piece and hope to see more like this. This art that you produce gives me a great deal of envy, but its only right to give my honest opinion on this and i hope others do too. Just because you don't like that person doesn't mean that you should reflect that onto your opinion because when i speak about these Critiques i do i only give my honest opinion.
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First, thank you for that nice rating - Im not sure if I deserve it on this picture :blush:
And to your comment:
Not all digital stuff looks like reality (and I think that Im far away from that illusion when you look in detail) and what I do is something between. I like when art gives strong feelings, when you can feel "its watching me!" - but to reach this effect it really doesnt have to look like photo :)

Im not sure what exactly you mean with the last part - and to be honest I hope Im not that problem you mentioned ^^;
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oh no, not at all, you're fine
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ah, ufff :blush: I was a bit confused, Im sorry for that
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oh no, its all ok samantha i understand, i did get a bit off topic though didnt i ^^;
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ah, its okay! its so easy to confuse me with too long sentences because english is not my native language ;)
there is probably something what you think about a lot :hug:
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i dont think usually until it comes up but i have a lot of thought, if it would be better i would use my translator next time to make it easier for you to read
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I think its okay :) I just asked to be sure
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I saw this image when you posted it trough my phone, and have ever since been itching to get back home to look at it properly and leave a comment.
You guys did such an amazing job! :D
The lines look great, and does the character justice. The same goes for the colours, where I really love how you coloured the eye. :)
Further, both lineart and colours go well together, and one would almost believe they were made by one and the same. 
Thank you so much for this! :hug:
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Im sorry for really late reply x.x too much messages and I forget to reply from the oldest ones

Im really glad you like the result we produced :meow: Its my first trully done collab so... I feel proud about your kind words! :aww:
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That's okay! ^^

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Wow, this is so great! You made it look really good :la: I really like the subtle shading, it really suits her colors and it's been done well :D I also like that you colored the line-art, as black would have been too hard a contrast, now that I think about it :XD: Her eye is also nice and dark, and I'm so glad you've added a pupil :)
Your pretty handwriting makes mine look extra ugly, haha! XD
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awww, Im really glad to hear you like how the colors come out - Im not much experienced in digital coloring but when I saw colors on reference pictures I was sure I have to at least try to finish it digitaly :)
yeah, colored lineart (which is so easy to made in digital art :D) is something I fall in love with! :la:
yay, can you see the completely black pupil? thats great! I wasnt sure if the dark brown around is not too dark. But this dark dark eye scary me a bit ^^;

you mean my digital handwriting? XD Where every single letter is in different angle and different size :D but thanks - I think that two signatures look good together, yours not ugly ;)
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This is inexcuseable late! I'm so terribly sorry! OAO

Even after all this time, I still really like to look at it :D  You did really good ^^
I understand why :D I have to practise it... I'm better with colored line-art when it comes to pixel :XD: Though I make it look like there's no line-art what-so-ever.
Yes, I can; I think many can :) I get that, too... Don't stare into the eye and we'll be fine!

Yep, that! Haha, mine is, too XD Aww, thanks ^^
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Cool!! So cute and really great shading!!! :D
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awww, thanks! Im glad you like it :)
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:) :D Of course I do!!! :)
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