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Calendar: Autumn Dragoness

So here is reason why I didn't posted almost nothing during September - deadline for this calendar project get so close I had to work on it. I even streamed this few times :)
I made this picture as entry to dragon calendar - the result you can order here: Sadly, my picture wasn't choosen to place there, so I can only hope for next year :(
I'm afraid that I forget what I wanted to say here so... just enjoy :] and feel free to ask ^^

used: photoshop, wacom intuos3
size: little cropped A3 in print resolution
time: ? but I think I haven't spent that much time on picture for quite long time
brushes: standard round, cloudy
filters: blur
references: none special, random pictures from google for details in her hands

(c) character belongs to me, Samantha-dragon and was designed specially for this project
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2016
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Je smůla, že někteří pruderní tvorové prosadili "oblečenou" verzi tohoto obrázku. Bez té zeleně to bylo lepší :)
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Neboj se, je i verze bez zeleně, i když se mi tam ta barva líbí, tak by možná stálo za to si pohrát a poposunout listí níž, víc mezi ostatní věci :) No, jsem zvědavá, jestli se vůbec do kalendáře dostane nebo si budu muset prostě udělat vlastní :D
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wow. I have to say that this is one amazing piece that you have accomplish there.
her posture is very lovely and the colro work that you have accomplish there is
simply wonderful. also you achieve a really sweet work in her hair as well
~ certainly. that a very sweet piece and keep it up ;)
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Wow, this is simply GORGEOUS and so very beautifully detailed too!:)
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Aww, thank you! It took me so much time to finish but I was happy it was ready on time :3
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You're welcome. :)
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She's a pretty creature! :)
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už od prvního pohledu mi to připomíná jednu keltskou tarotovou kartu - a z ní dýchá vrcholné léto na sto honů pro mě, proto se mi tady těžko tohle řadí do podzimní myšlenky. Ale krásný obrázek, super nápad a prostě škoda že to v kalendáři nakonec nebude.
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Have you ever thought about making your own calendar? If nothing else, for teh lulz.

On a serious note, I believe it would look beautiful. :)
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I was thinking about it, I was just worried if I could make enough pictures with similar theme/quality ^^; but let's hope there will be one with this girls :3

Thank you! ^^
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I had idea of pin-up dragon calendar
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lol, that would be a sight to see.
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Spectacular and beautiful😄
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You're welcome😊
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Masterpiece! :)
Jen jediny, co mi tam chybi, jsou kontrastnejsi stiny (spis muj zvyk), ale na druhou stranu by to ztratilo na jemnosti, takze takhle je to proste super :)
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