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Beaded dragons - Sam and Dreit

plz DOWNLOAD for full view - i know, its huge, sorry, i cant help myself

haha, can u recognize us? :D it was a Xmas gift for =Dreit
Blue is mine Sam (ref here > [link] ) and black is Dreit (along... heh, this > [link] )
done is same way as my first beaded dragon [link] just i tried to add horns and some fur to me - im sorry i cannot do all fur, its really small (on last photo they are on my hand to show u how small they are)

used: sead beads, stainless steal wire

blue dragoness belongs to me *Samantha-dragon
black dragon belongs to =Dreit
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That looks awesome! I also make sead beaded things. I recognize that it can be hard. I make bracelets, necklaces and pendents. Check my page if you want to see it.
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Thank you :)
Though, it's not too nice to make self-advertisement like this under work of others, plus copy pasted again and again without any change... Copy pasting my reply to you as well and strongly considering reporting spam.
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These are AMAZING!!!!:D I LOVE them!
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love it!!! got the instructions to make them?
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basics here, ive just read a part then give it up and done myself :D they are different than it that tut ;) and done in different way
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Wow! That's some detailed work there! How did you manage to work with such small beads?
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all is about having very thin and strong wire - which i have :D and then? lots of playing and care given in to both of them :)
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And patience. Got to have that in spades.
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i love the threads on the blue dragon! It's just a creative touch. :)
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thank u, yep, lovely detail of the char :)
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holy crap!! :wow: seed beads?!? awesome work, wow!
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yep :D about 3 hours each ;)
thank u
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The yarn tail tuft is a brilliant idea. I love it.
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thank u! i was thinking a lot about it and than tried it :D
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Sam, you're genius!
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ještě zdaleka ne...
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Theese are pretty cool, I really like them, be cool if you could make them into little charms
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