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ArtFight 2024: Team Stardust



Sleep is for the weak, right? 🫠 But I couldn't make myself skip this theme even though I was considering skipping ArtFight this year... Okay, here is THAT month again - time to kick myself to create and mainly finish and publish more art. Have you joined too? I would love to check your characters, please, drop me link in comment! My AF profile is right here ale all characters are up to date: This is going to be my fourth year at ArtFight. In previous years I was so much surprised how much it has motivated me. The goals this time going to be smaller than in previous year as I won't probably have time to finish that much pictures. So goals are: finish all revenges during fight/July Hopefully also: draw as much as I can without quality droping too low | use traditional mediums | challenge myself with some new creature, humans and human-like species included New themed icon in detail is here:

used: official template OfficialArtFight

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