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ArtBid: Crystal Bleeding

Edit: I won this because nobody else joined the auction :D
Edit2: Now with registered reference picture:
Reference: Rasgar by Samantha-dragon

Another horse was offered to adopt through this group and I couln'd resist to test my speedpainting skills one more time (I tried to reach more like painting feeling). At least, I have some more examples to my price list :) Another art-bid, this time to auction over there:

Lisqar Foal Import 3 /SOLD by FlutterShouts
He looks a little devillish at the first sight but when you realize those (crystal? if I know how this group makes these) markings look like wounds and like tears of blood... poor little horsee :( Hope he will find good new home.

I'm sorry for delay on promised arts, I'm so tired from combination of school, where semester ends and brachelor work is almost there plus, making all commissioned diaries ordered as christmas presents... I can't believe that christmas is here AGAIN in few days D: Time flies.
I have writen all promised things, no worries about forgetting you, I'm just "a little" overhelmed right "now" (= like past two months, they flew away like they were two weeks x3) and need to turn off head, listen loud Rammstein concert and paint without worries about customers wish :blush: it's great therapy :3
Thank you for all for lot of support here ^^ <3

used: photoshop, wacom intuos3
size: 1500 × 2000 px
time: 1 hour
references: Lisqar Foal Import, for horse

(c) character comes from closed species :iconlisqar-equine:
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2016
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Bleskobleska-Yandere's avatar
Moc se mi líbí tvůj styl kresby :3
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Asi bych se ještě neodvažovala nazvat to "něco" stylem, stále hodně hledám jaký postup by mi v digi vyhovoval. Ale děkuju moc, taky mám pocit, že tohle není špatný směr ^^
Bleskobleska-Yandere's avatar
Když se dívám na tvoji galerii, tak mi přijde, že nějaký máš :D
Nemáš zač c:
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Awww, tak... to díky :icondragonshy1:
Flutties's avatar
Je krásny! Naozaj sa mi páči ako si sa s tým pohrala ^^ 
A áno sú to kryštály. :)
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Díky, snažím se najít nějaký vyhovující styl malování, digi je v tomhle takové jiné :D
Uf, tak to jsem ráda ;)
Flutties's avatar
A ide ti to :D Naozaj je krásna :) 
A nieje začo ^^
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Nice drawing and background
Samantha-dragon's avatar
JTD-Arts's avatar
You're welcome
MoonFlowerSax's avatar
Aw. Cute horsey with disadvantageous placement of red crystals. :huggle: :+fav:
Samantha-dragon's avatar
nice way how to call this, heh :) Thank you! ^^ :hug:
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This horse looks really good!  I thought the red stuff was blood at first until you said they were crystals! Hopefully this guy will get a nice home.  and yes listen to Rammstein and you will feel better! ^^
Samantha-dragon's avatar
I hope those are crystal as this group is used to decorate their species with crystals of different colors... blood would be sad :[
I like that connection of Rammstein and painting, it always speed me up like 200% :D Plus good way how to make me worry less about strong and more dramatic strokes :blush:
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