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Adopt: Fennec Zoey [CLOSED]

ive seen this design animal character contest and just have to do this sketch :3 i liked that holder of contest wanted not so much changed animal, because i dont like if there are too many uniquie markings on one chara (and different colors etc.).
i konw she looks almost like any other fennec but... only ALMOST :giggle:
more about contest here:…

Name: Angelica (can be changed later of course) changed to Zoey
Gender: female
Species: fennec fox (Vulpes zerda) with more fluffy tail and unnatural color of eyes, unique color maps on it
Colors: tones of light browns, goldens, beiges for base; whites for mouth, inner ears, legs and belly, chocolate brown for back of ears, "tears" from eyes, fur along spine, tip of tail and for moon shaped markings on upper legs and forehead; greendark brown for both eyes
Details: she can wear collar with gem giving her a little bonus to nature magic powers

design is mine, nobody is allowed to use it, only Kawiku can
now open for adopt! :la: because didnt win the contest

with buying u will get:
- design of creature
- make any changes u will like and use it as u will like

with buying i will retain:
- my author rights on pictures and original design (so please do not claim it as ur own designed)

1. no resel
2. i dont steal ideas - so if u would find something older and similar to mine its just a change - i really dont need to steal, thank u
3. donate/sent right amount of points as soon as possible but not before i tell u it is urs - after day without points i will strike u for queue on it
4. only buyer can use this design
5. comment here to buy it - quicker wins

fun begins :aww:
prize of this one is 40 :points:

new owner is FennecTECH and give her new name Zoey :)
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C:    i come across this after so long C:
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wow, I just checked the date of submit - it's soooo old! :D
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shes soooo special though C:
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I'm really glad you still love her so much :aww:
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C:   he is special C:
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every time i come acrost her on the web   i get a big smile ;3
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Im glad to hear you like her so much ^^
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yes    she is verry special :3
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im    looking to commision a plushie carrying the markings :3
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commission of feral fennec? o.o I will keep my fingers crossed for you and Im really curious about result :3 I tried few plushies to make myself and its not easy... but its fun :)
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soooooooooo cute:balloon: 
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awww, yeah, thanks :]
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she is beautiful isnt she  <3  *loves her new zoey*
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ima keep her FOREVER
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Allright Zoey  Time to come home :D   *holds out arms*
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take care of her - and please let me know when you will add some other details to her personality and when you get new pictures of her :3
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for now   i really cant afford new pictures       but  i figured out some details of her personality    she is a shy fox  but also verry fun to be arround   she loves to hide under blankets     and loves to be underfoot    she will re arange anything she can move   and chew on cables      especally headphones     she LOVES to be held and pet       and will fall asleep in my arms   but only mine    shes a one person fennec fox xD
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awww, that must be so soft and sweet :love:
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