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ACEO/ATC: You're My Mate

ACEO/ATC for =Amazon-Gabrielle
its glowing at dark! eye and manes

hehe, on ACEO Nova (left) looks much more shocked - probably because of Vortex more then one meaning gesture :giggle:
its second time i draw mates for someone else then for me and my dragon... and it had to be two males together :D so i hope they will look still like dragons, not dragonness
and while sketching this i remembered about lyrics of one older hit by Right Said Fred [here link to YouTube]:
'Cause you're my mate and I will stand by you
You're my mate and I will stand by you

btw, Amazon-Gabrielle wanted me to draw waterfall on background so here it is - is my first realistic attempt of it, so i hope its okay :D

used: liners, color pencils for dragons, watercolors for bacground, aquarell color pencils for undercoloring dragons, gel pen and glowing color

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For a first time with the waterfall background, it looks really good! The way you made the white and the blue go together gives it that sense of rushing water. The dragons looks great as well, especially their skin, body form, and their manes. And the moss on the rocks looks great, too! The earrings in both of their ears make them have a unique look to 'em. On Vortex (I hope I got the names right), the purple one, the way you made the feathers blend from orange to white is a very great technique you used there! Overall, I think you did a fantastic job on this piece of work.
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thank you so much for the praise! :aww:
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I like this picture, very colorful! :love: What did you use to color it? :? I think the background's awesome, and the two dragons are so adorable! :giggle: Very loving scene, I expecially like the expression on Nova's face. He seems a bit unsure of what to do at the moment :D
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yeah! :aww: i must do so colorful more pieces, its fun :) its done in combination of watercolors and color pencils (as writen in artist comment =P)
yeah, u are very right! :D i feel same sometimes when my boyfriend gaze on me and do nothing XD
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Oh, duh--I should have noticed that :faint: I think this is the first time I've asked a question that was already answered in the artist comment! Whoops :D
Haha, yeah, that'll make you fidget and uncertain every time :giggle: Those stares can get to you... :D
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nothing happened :hug: im glad that someone wants to know it and im not the only who always look into comment heading for tool artist used ;)
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:giggle: Well, that's good! Yeah, I always like to see what people use to create their artwork; I'm not that skilled yet in painting things traditionally, so it's always amazing for me to see people who do it so well! :hug: Like you! :XD:
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thx ;) as always watching any mates :D
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I hope they look like girls.
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owners are girls - but they both have male dragon chars ;)
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Your very welcome :D
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The way you drew their heads is quite interesting, nice style! 8D
Besides I just LOVE how the background colours turned out, especially the moss and the rocks :3
Aaaaaand I like the shading of the backfur, can´t take my eyes off that part x'D
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aww, somebody watches my background to! :love: im glad u like it, it really suprised me that it wasnt that difficult as it seemed to be before i started 8D and u even recognise rock and moss!
thank u :)
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Very welcome! 8D

psssht! I also think the way you did the splashing water around the waterfall is stunning! But don´t tell anyone! O:
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This is beautiful. You did a wonderful job on both of them. <3
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