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ACEO/ATC: Trick-or-Treat

my part of secret not-paired ACEO trades from :icondraci-info: - this was drawn for 30th round where theme was to draw panoramatic double ACEO at horror or halloween mood. I got to draw character of Drageta-CZ
phew, it's second time I tried to draw on panoramatic double ACEO - it's was quite fun to choose right pose so almost whole character fit there :D I've chosen this one, the morning after long scary night. I hope you will like it, for some reason I still like it too, mainly the color scheme :[ again, it's only photo because scanner overlighted the sky which looked almost white :/

what do you think, mood of dragoness turned out like melancholic/sad or more like tired but satisfied?

used: liners, watercolors (background sky and grass), aquarell color pencils (for dragoness, tombstone, pumpking and cat)

here is card for me made by Katangacz:
ACEO - In the land of ghosts by Katangacz
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        Dancing dragon XD 
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That pumpkin tho<3 
Samantha-dragon's avatar
hehe, I like it too :3 thanks! :aww:
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You're welcome ;D 
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Awwww how neat!! :D
I'm still getting through my Halloween candy too XD
I think she looks tired but satisfied :3 I love the kitten too omg
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thank you! :aww:
hehe, you had rich halloween, right? :D thanks for your opinion, I think it too. yep, me too! The kitten (making big hungry eyes on sweets? o.o) came to my mind right before I took liner and started drawing lines so I added it :D
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you're welcome! ^_^
yes I did!! XD not like in previous years when I was little (once I got three pillow cases and a jack-o-lantern's bag worth XD) BUT YESS
Awww she made it onto the paper just in time then haha
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hehe, in our country it's not a tradition so I know it only from movies, sadly.
exactly :D
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Aww D: that's all good though XD
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Oh my that looks really cute :3
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thanks :3 I think it's not possible to draw dragoness looking like this any other way then cute :D
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Hell yeah that dragoness looks really cute :3
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The textures Peru awesome and the theme makes it all the more harmonic
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thank you! I like texture of this paper too, I'm sure I'm going to use it for more ACEOs :)
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