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ACEO/ATC: Say cheese!

my part of ACEO trade with amazing ~Tikall and her looong dragon char :D although its really unusuall design of dragon (or maybe because of) i like him :aww: so here i tried to put in all his grandeur and a bit i-will-bite-you-whatever-you-will-do-look :D im sorry that scales are not so regular as on original design and those lovely legs cant be seen here ^^;

used: liners, watercolors (for background), watercolor pencils (for dragon), gold gel pen (for scales details)
paper: light gold metallic paper with tiny-gold-glitters effect

ACEO (ATC) are traditionally made card 2.5" X 3.5" (6,4 X 8,9 cm)
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Very impressive and detailed! :D
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hehe, thank you! :3 I like this card still too ;)
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Your an amazing artist!
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This is great!! I love how you fit so much lovely detail on the card! The colors are so nice and vibrant. I love his expression!! :) I will get your card done as soon as possible. I have been SOOO busy with school, but I'll get it done for sure.
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:aww: im so glad u like it so much :w00t:
its ok, i believe that u will draw it ;) take ur time :)
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Very nice.

Hodně mi to připomíná draky v asijském stylu, Zvlášt obličej je jakoby liščí (A nebo jsem prostě slepej ), dává to tomu charakter. Pěkné, opravdu.
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děkuji ti, jo je to takovej trošku netradiční východní drak :) nejsem si jistá kolik z nich má takhle dlouhatánskou tlamu :D a mívaj rohy a víc jakoby lví hřívu... ale každopádně je to krásnej drak a dobře se i přes všechny ty šupinky kreslil :)
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Není zač, Keep up the good work! :D
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This is very cool! I love it!
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i think this is incredible - this must taken ages to draw and i like the design - it looks more like an eastern dragon cos it is meant to be a combination of a hell of a lot of animals including the rat, which is the impression i get when i see the snout
anyway good job you deserve to be proud :w00t:
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i looks like it had taken ages? :giggle: background was quick, hair was fun (about 3 or 4 layers done with watered color pencils) and scales was killing at the end :D they took some time but it wasnt that bad ;) they are not regular as they should be and not so right curved along body shape as they should be ^^;
yeah, i see more animals in this design too :D and i like it as he is, although maybe on first sign he may look very simple...
thank u :hug:
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Incredible scale work
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Such a marveles work.Well Done!
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