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ACEO/ATC: Returning Home

... probably from some late night ending prom?
my long long time owed second ACEO trade with great artist :iconalassa: Alassa - i hope you will like how it came out :[ i was very afraid about finishing it, thats why it took me so long
she wanted me to draw here nice wolf character as an anthro and theme was "rain, water or light" - this idea of play of rain and light came to me right after i read it, finded some references of how to hold umbrella and started sketching :) until colors was everything okay and quite quick on me - but then i got stucked on how to color it and not damage lineart which i liked... :D well, here is best what i could do (aaaah, my first rain ever i guess!)

used: liners, colored pencils (almost whole character + all the clothes), watercolors (background, hair), aquarell color pencils (base color under colored pencils - i hate those tiny white dots which shine through colors x.x) and finished with white acrylic

her awesome part is here (go and love it!):
Aceo - Samantha by Alassa
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Very nice! You did a great job with the lighting. Also the background sky is beautiful and you also did a great job with the rain.
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thanks! to be honest lighting of this picture was quite difficult to do right :phew: Glad you like it! :aww:
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Annie: Such wonderful colors, and lifelike, makes her look like she's a little desperate for a place to stay for the night.
Looks like a royal lady.
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awww, thank you - yes, she should look like that - and im glad it turned out like that :aww:
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I love it >w< The coloring is so smooth, and it is such a beautiful scene!
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Very pretty!
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AAAAAAAaaaaaaah! Upřímně mě tohle hodně hodně hodně překvapilo. :'D Už jsem úplnně zapomněla, že jsme dělaly výměnu. Je fakt, že se mi ta tvoje kartička válí někde doma mezi neodeslanýma věcma. Jen teda teď myslím, že jsem ji někam dávala. A ... netuším kam. O_o

Nicméně! Je to super! Ty barvy, které tě rozhodily, se ti povedly! Děkuju mockrát! 8D Ta lucerna! A deštník, ten déééěšť, a prostě lady k pohledání. Kdysi dávno jsem hodně nosívala oranžovou a červenou, takže tohle je fakt.. super. <3 Děkujuuuu! *hug*
Samantha-dragon's avatar
wheee, tak to jsem ráda, že se líbí :aww: :tighthug:

jo, a málem bych zapomněla, ale přeju všechno nejlepší :party: trošku předem ale lepší než (zase x.x) pozdě
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Jéééžiš! Děkujuu =) :hug:
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rozhodně není za co :]
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thanks - although that doesnt sound much happy :D
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uhm, maybe those three dots at the end? i dont know, it may be just the way i read it :[
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That's for dramatic effect
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okay, so its only in my reading :D
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