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my part of loong ACEO trade with ~R4mira - here is her char Garang - i really like his design although draw white (or black) dragons are not easy, they always try to look grey XD

used: watercolors + liquid masking film (for background and underpaint to hair), aquarell color pencils, color pencils (for white body), silver gel pen
paper: smooth light beige graphic paper with silver metallic look

ACEO (ATC) are traditionally made card 2.5" X 3.5" (6,4 X 8,9 cm)
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This is the most popular one. I love 'em!!!
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awsome, i love your gradiant colour style :D
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d'awww, thank you! :blushes:
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I love that expression of his face ;D
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You did an amazing job! Awesome :D
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Fantastic background!  impressed
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heh, thank you! although the background was the easiest thing on this picture :D
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Whoa this is totally sweet. I really like the design of the character. I know :iconr4mira: is pleased with this.
They details are so pristine and the dragon's colors are totally in synch with the background.
'Hey great job with this. Keep up the great work. =D
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Well, it's really sad that R4mira left dA (and all other sites and emails which I was able to found to contact her) before I finished this card... She probably have never seen it and never done her part of trade for me... it's a bit ironical that card for her become the most popular picture in my gallery :D
But, nevermind, I'm glad you like it :)
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now thats bad ass! great work here;)
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thanks! I still like him too :D
chieftain8alpha8wolf's avatar
:D ur welcome;) it is pretty epic:)
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That is so epic. LOVE the background too! AMAZING job!!! :D
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aww, thanks, its always nice to hear that other artist do like what i drawed :]
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Of course! Your art is amazing. :) 
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