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my part of ACEO trade with Sternen-Gaukler :iconsternen-gaukler: i hope u will like it :D

used: aquarell color pencils, ink, white gel pen, frog photo cause ive never draw frog ^^;

ACEO (ATC) are traditionally made cards 2.5" X 3.5" (6,4 X 8,9 cm)
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Don't you mean "Croak"? (Quack is a sound a Duck makes.)

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Hah, you are right! Funny how different languages give animals a bit different voices :D

Oh my! this is so cute!
I adore frogs and have them at my oltar as the spirits who bring joy , smile, money and harmony of nature!
They are so interesting beeings! ahahahhaa
this is a very cute one
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This is so cute and inquisitive :D
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Beautiful froggie!!!
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:wow: Very good! :D
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Wonderful work on this.:D The shading and detail is just awesome, and amazing work for an animal you never drawn before.:clap:

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wow its awesome! im really really happy with the card :)
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im glad u like it :hug:
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Love the vivid colors. Very impressive work :clap:
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thank u :) thats why i like aquarell color pencils :D
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