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ACEO/ATC: Out of the Box

my part of monthly trade thriugh ACEOfursXchange with NerielMi - i tried to make completely different but keep my "style". this is what came out of combinating different papers, cutting out and glue it all together :D hope you will like it, it was fun to make it
idea of this... Neriel likes to be "out of the box", be different, try new things and being creative. So here is Neriel out of (orange, partialy transparent) box and checking her new idea (light bulb). i wanted to keep the background very simple (i like the contrast with cut out character) so only some shine and idea-dragonflies are there :] 
*hopes someone will understand how she means it*
... and yay, i just have drawn female anthro without hair and like it! lol, im (long) hair maniac probably :[ yeah... and legs-maniac too...

 - to draw Neriel: liners, color pencils on light heavy paper + knife and scissors to cut out and double-sided adhesive tape to join it together
 - on background: thick orange tracing paper, watercolors
reference for pose (side view on human-like body is hell):
Sitting and Kneeling 227 by ImperialStarletStock
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You are just too brilliant.
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hehe, nice to hear you like it :)
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Love the pose, love the little hand socks, and love her dragon head designs...
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yes, she is simply beautiful dragoness :)
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You drew her so very well.
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moc pekne, zajimava poza a hezke stinovani
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You know I really like the idea and thought you put into this!You can see a difference,but I can still tell its your unique style.I love the different textures of the papers you used.I especially have always adored your coloring,and love it here!The definition of the legs muscles and clothing is really well done!One of my favorite pieces by you!This is too nice to be just an ACEO ;)
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awwww, thank you for so kind words! :tighthug: ive lost all my words and feel just like... :aww: :icondragonshy2:
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Your very welcome!:) Huggle!

Always look forward to work from you!^^Fool Emoji-14 (Crazy Dance) [V1] 
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Ohohoh, žárovka! :D
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jup :D Neriel o nich psala taky, mě se rozsvítilo... no a je tam :D ale vím, ty jsi na žárovky taky :D
Samantha-dragon's avatar
that much that it needs to be capitalised? :giggle: THANK YOU! :tighthug:
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O.o ?  Mau ?

Sorry my english is rust. xD

eeehm, eeeeeeeh...    YES :D
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its okay, nothing happened :D 
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Interesting this looks like it took a long time to make but well worth it.
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i hope so - and yes, my ACEOs are time eaters always :D
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very cool how you are able to reference and turn the reference into your own creation
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hehe, thank you - i would be completely lost without references! (or have to shot my own :D)
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