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ACEO/ATC: Melancholy

My part of monthly ACEO trade (August) through group ACEOfursXchange with SilveryNova :iconsilverynova: - from characters she offered me to draw I choose Bad Luck. Bad Luck is a mythical horse who got his name along that fact he brings bad luck everywhere he appears. It's a pity that SilveryNova doesn't get more cards and art with this character because he is quite handsome =P Plus, it was nice to draw horse after long time again.
The idea of this card was simple - althouth he is pretty handsome, it must be really sad and lonely life. Imagine that, you bring bad luck everywhere you place your hoof. No matter how much you want or not. No matter how much you love those you would like to be with. Just. Bad. Luck. Always. So along his major colors I did simply blue nebula and space background with stars... many stars, which is in good relation to melancholic mood which his life situation must cause to him. Maybe if he is watching the stars and his mind is free it's a bit better... and maybe that's the time when bad luck of the world is having nap so the world can be neutral or happy.

And if it happens and somebody would be interested, than stay tuned because I used completely new technique for background - airbrush with acrylic colors - and I have enough photos to be able to make detailed step by step tutorial from them :3 I'm eager to show how this card came to the light of this world because, to be honest, I still like it, even after few days from the last line was finished :blush:
So, I hope I didn't make you asleep too much and you will like the result too :)

tools and stuff: for background - acrylic paint with airbrush and toothbrush ; for character - liners, Polychromos colored pencils
size: 8,9 × 6,4 cm / 3.5"×2.5" (+ poping out pieces)
paper: this time I'm not exactly sure what it was, I founded it on my table and I have no idea where it comes from xD It was not any special brand but working with it was fine :)

Her awesome part for me :love:
ACEO trade - Samantha by SilveryNova
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I love her headgear.
Samantha-dragon's avatar
a bit strange but probably some kind of unicorn... :D and I guess it's he not she :?
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Ah, sorry.  Mel was so pretty, I merely ascribed the wrong sex to him.
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oooooo hes beautiful    id have him over  my luck couldent get any worse
Samantha-dragon's avatar
thank you :) I'm not sure if it's that bad with his ability of bad luck, I try to keep always positive about things :)
Grumpybus's avatar
Wonderful, full of both beauty and melancholy...
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Exactly what I wanted to catch, thank you :)
Grumpybus's avatar
You're quite welcome! ^W^
Laksmi-Shira's avatar
Owwwww krása!!!! Také bych si s tebou dala ACEO výměnu... :D ta obloha se ti moooc povedla!
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Díky moc! :3 S airbrushem se teprve učím (tohle byl druhý pokus o to dodělat vesmír), je to úplně jiné.... a dají se s tím některé věci dělat úplně snadno 83
Nom, to upřímně zatím moc nevidím, snažím se dodělat věci co mám naslibované a ne se nadšeně vrhat do nových :blush: každopádně... nic ti nebrání se zase někdy zkusit připomenout :)
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It is gorgeous! :love:
I can't deny that I'm always positively surprised when someone chooses to draw Bad luck. So thank you for that X') Was secretly wishing for a die cut card and now you've made me one!
About the image itself I simply love how he looks there. And the mane looks so soft I'd like to stroke it.
I'm also a fan of the airbrush effect and I'm honored that you decided to use a new technique here. The result is beautiful obviously :heart:
You made me feel a bit quilty about Bad luck's story, I admit it that his life must be lonely and all. Don't want to think about it further :')
So let me thank you for the beautiful card! :glomp: I'm happy to get to add this to my collection!
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Lovely work <3
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Grellbird's avatar
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your much appreciated
WritterInTheArtHat's avatar
SO COOL! I love the mask and the horn. EPICNESS AWAY!
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Yeah, he is simply very good designed, I like him whole too! :3
          ONIGIRI THING 
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To pozadí je fakt úžasný, už se těším na tutorial :meow:
Koník sám o sobě taky velmi povedený, určitě se majitelce bude líbit ^^
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Děkuji :] zjistila jsem, že airbrushem mi taková pozadí jdou až podezřele snadno, takže... asi se dá očekávat více takových (i když to maskování předtím je naopak vražedný :D) :3 vždyť celkově je tohle můj asi třetí pokus airbrushem o něco komplexnějšího než jen čáry a tečky! :D
Doufám, že jo, já jsem zatím stále spokojená :aww:
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Shining knight in armor, awesome
Samantha-dragon's avatar
yeah, but his life can't be happy :(
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