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ACEO/ATC: Icy Spell

Update: Took a photo as it seems to has colors way closer to original than scan had... Enjoy :3

Finished YCH trade I offered at the start of January - I picked :iconvaelkyrie: Vaelkyrie with her lovely dragoness Kyrie :)
YCH ACEO/ATC offer [CLOSED] by Samantha-dragon  YourCharacterHere ACEO/ATC offer [CLOSED]Update [18th January 2017]:

Update [8th January 2017]:
I picked Vaelkyrie with her lovely dragoness Kyrie, which is going to wirj pretty well in prepared sketch ^^

Thank you all for interest, let's hope I'll open more trades and commissions soon! :)
It's been quite long since I created any... let's say finished detailed traditional pictures. My last watercolor ACEO card is from August ._. I still owe few traditional things and I feel like I need a little of training before painting them to let my hands remember how to paint with watercolors. So I decided to offer YCH (= your character here) ACEO / ATC card trade.

If you know about somebody who might be interested, please, send them here! I'm always curious to try something new :3

What can I offer
I will adjust sketch to your characterspecies doesn't matter

It was fun to try catch all the lights and contrast... I hope you will like the result! In real, whole card has more shades of colors (not only almost same blue) - I'll try to take a photo instead of scan if it'd be better visible.
I'm not sure if the wing closer to us is good... I tried to make it blurred but... well, this is not digital xD

used: liners, watercolors, white gel pen + few touches with white acrylic
paper: slightly glittering warm white
size: 6,4×8,9 cm (2.5"×3.5")
time: 3 hours (from cleaned sketch to this... forget to count sketching ^^; )
references: Kyrie Character Sheet

Picture for me is here:
[ACEO] Samantha by Vaelkyrie

(c) character belongs to Vaelkyrie
(c) art belongs to me, Samantha-dragon, 2017
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I like this character too! I'm glad I got chance to pain her :)
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Nice colours and cute.
Good pick you did there. Beautiful draggle. :)
:clap: :+fav:
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Thank you a lot! :) Yeah, the character is pure beauty ^^
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Beautiful work. Nice expression, atmosphere, dragon anatomy and colors. Although, you should add more contrast. And it will be just great. Keep up the good work.
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Hey, thank you for nice words - about contrast, try to checking it now. I changed the file because photo looks way more like real card, compared to scan which I added here first.
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You're welcome. And yes, now it looks better and even more lively.
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This is absolutely beautiful!
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Thank you a lot! ^^
        *Free Icon/Emote* Toothless (Love it!) 
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Kyrie is a very pretty dragoness!! I love how her paws look and the ice magic looks beautiful! xD That sitting pose looks good and those chest plates look nice! The wings look good, don't worry!! The colouring looks really good on this one! <3  Great job! c:
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