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my part of ACEO trade with =WitchiArt - she sent me some links to my older aceos and said she wants some "mystic dragon". so... i wanted to draw some dragon druid of nature - showed here with mixed natural materials such as scales, wood, stone, magma, ice, shells, stone, ice, spider web, metal... and yeah, he is blind but filled with (nature, how suprise) magic, going through some forest/jungle.
hehe, i hope u will like it - painting and drawing all that materials took me ages but i feel like its one of my best aceos :aww: *loves details*

used: watercolors (for background and underpaint), aquarell color pencils, white, gold and silver gel pen, liner, masking liquid
paper: light beige graphic paper with rough surface (thats why i must underpaint it whole), it looks a bit like hand-made

design of the dragon is my own (*Samantha-dragon), please, do not use it.
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This is awesome. First off the scales of the dragon are probably my favorite part. I love how your drew each one so different than the others. And the way you drew them were really great because I can see the amount of detail in them. It kind reminds me of an all elemental creature, which might have been your objective. Also I love how you did the background it look incredible. I guess the only thing I would change would be that whiteout-line, if I did it I would just stick with only the black outline, but other than that this is awesome. Keep up the great work :3
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thank u for nice critique - yeah at the end i wanted him to be all element creature (as u nicely writen) :)
eeer, i know, i cannot decided do it or not... but i asked family and friends and almost all of them told me that without it he looks like nobody will find him. and as i did too messy background... so this is only way i could bring him a little more out of that background ^^;
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Ur very welcome....and now I know ur reasonings :3
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amazing. keep up the good work :judge:
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thank you! I will do my best :)
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Wonderful, and unique take on a dragon! 
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Awesome dragon!! :love: Those details are incredible, lovely work! :aww:
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thank u very much ^^
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This is magnificent to behold. The dragon is gorgeous and strong.
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he has to be ;) thank u :aww:
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:iconcheerplz:I FEATURE YOU IN MY JOURNAL HOPE YOU DON'T MIND:iconcheerplz:
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yay! thank u! :hug: faved :aww:
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Gratuluji! :party:
Tvé dílo bylo vybráno do feature Inspirace na září v klubu #CzechLadiesArt!
Taktéž jsem jej uvedla do feature v mém osobním journalu September feature. :rose:
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děkuji ti, oba favnuty :aww:
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Tohle ACEO je dokonalé, moc se mi líbí ty detaily... jen tak se na to dívám, s čelistí spadnutou až na zem a říkám si, jestli je tohle vůbec možné. Zkrátka suprová karta :)
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děkuji ti :aww: jo, dalo sice dost práce, ale možné to je ;)
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pekne barevny drak...
jenom to oko vypada jako slepe...
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