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ACEO/ATC: Different Dimension

my part of monthly trade through #ACEOfursXchange this time (December) for ~Mistress-of-Air
hope you will like it because... this time i did it quite different than my other aceos :[ innstead of regular paper i used thick blue tracing paper and watercolors - so it makes different effcet when you watch it under light or before light (paper and even painting are partialy transparent) - and i added small drops cut of mirror foil (on scan they are dark). all this i did because this character doesnt live under regular fyzical laws o.o

used: thick blue tracing paper, watercolors, mirror foil, ink, acrylic, color pencils

lovely part for me is here:
ACEO Rise and Shine by Mistress-of-Air
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Haha, sounds like the whole card is made to be something that goes well with Qilin's abilities. |D I know scanners can't scan shiny things well at all, so this is definitely something worth seeing it in real life.
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i did my best and hope that in real it comes true :] will note you again when i will send it :)
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To je jako postava co jsem ji kdysi dávno kreslila na adopci O.o Jen má trochu jinej roh.... Tedy aspoň mě příjde jiný.... hehe.... Ale to je jedno... Nevím co ten člověk co si to adoptnul s tou postavou udělal ba ji věnovanoval nebo tak je mi to jedno :D Ale tohle je pěkné :meow:
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tak to taky netuším :D ale každopádně děkuji :3
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absolutelly :3 hope she will like what i have done with it :]
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