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ACEO/ATC: Dark Lenwe

my part of monthly trade through ACEOfursXchange group (November) with LadyFromEast :iconladyfromeast: showing her gryphon character Lenwe. It's been long time ago when I drawed gryphon so it was nice to make some :] Plus I enjoyed the challenge of a little steampunk features on him. And yay for my first more complex painting with acrylics! :dummy:
Metal parts are painted with golden, slightly glittering color :3
Hope you will like the result at least how I'm happy about it! ^^

used: acrylics paint on thick gray cardboard

her part for me:
ACEO Samantha-dragon by LadyFromEast
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:star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star-half::star-empty::star-empty: Impact

An acrylic painting wonderfully done on grey cardboard! I really like the technique used, as you devoted more time to the intricate details of the character.

While not being impactful, the originality captures the eye. They can see clearly "Yes this is a griffin" yet also they see something different, such as the belly of the beast. It looks to me like exhaust manifolds, as if the creature has some mechanical apparatus grafted into it. But you can see the slender body of the creature and those thick, feathery wings. The textures really make them appear real, and I believe this is the kind of style well suited to be an illustration in a fantasy fiction book.
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Vůbec bych nepoznala, že je to od tebe. Rozhodně zajímavý styl, krásný, něco takového bych čekala u ilustrací starých pohanských mýtů. :heart:
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Ani nevím co mě to popadlo, že jsem se vrhla na pokusy o víceméně tradiční styl malby, když jsem to vlastně za poslední roky ani moc nezkoušela. Stálo to plno času, úsilí a míchání barev... ale užila jsem si to tak moc a mám z toho pořád tak dobrý pocit, že se budu malováním ve více tradičním duchu určitě ještě zabývat :3
Sama jsem zvědavá jak se bude vést dál. Díky za moc povzbudivý komentář! ^^
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Oh my, I can't believe I haven't commented on this one yet! I love him so, so much!
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I'm still really proud about this card so I'm glad you like it :3
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Awesomely done! It's pictures like these that should be on display in the art gallery! It's so life-like!
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Thank you, it's really nice to hear you like it so much ^^ I hope to paint more and get better with it :)
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Beautiful work ! :aww:
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this is really well made,good job
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took a lot of efford but it was worth of it, thank you! :3
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hehe, díky!
Although it's a bit dark and little scary =P
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... na čas :D jinak jsem stále spokojená, což se moc často nestává O.o
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I've been looking at too many hot rods of late, 'cuz I was wondering why a Gryffon had an eight pack of exhaust pipes coming out of its chest. 
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well... yeah, he's a bit strange in this thing - I rather wasn't thinking much about how he can live like that :D Part of original design of his owner :)
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No, the muscles are fine. :D  I was just stuck in "chrome exhaust pipes" mode. :p
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