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ACEO/ATC: Cool Pond

my part of June ACEO trade with *AxMongrel through #ACEOfursXchange
this was meant to be her OC called TG which is mix of German shepherd dog and Jindo - so first thing i hope is okay is that she looks a bit like she should looks like :D because i havent drawn dogs much so google images had to help me a bit :[ and second is that backgroung, i was fighting with it with my small set of watercolors for almost whole day and im still not sure if it looks right ^^; i just tried to catch TG in summer (heh, better summer than which we have here in Czech republic - one week of storms or at least rainy, another week is killing hot and next cold rainy again for change with floods...) doing what dogs like to do - swimming! or just making wet everybody around when they got out of water? :D who knows ;)

used: reference pictures from google, liners, color inks, watercolors and colored pencils on beige marble paper (something small added with gel pens and acrylics)
heh, after a bit longer time another feral canine from me! :D

here is her part for me, thank you! :)
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Like it but the nose ring ruined it for me In my opinion 
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i cant do anything about nose ring because its part if character - but thank you.
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Wow! That is gorgeous! Thank you : ) Haha, I am actually going swimming all day today, so seeing this beforehand is wonderful!
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glad you like it! :aww:
haha, someone is having truely summer! :D
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