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ACEO/ATC: Autumn Happiness

my part of monthly trade through ACEOfursXchange (October) with Aisha-Autumn :iconaisha-autumn:. I got to draw her female wolf character Aisha - and along her username here, along the fact that autumn gold leaves are even in ref I got and now upcoming season in my country too... I tried to paint happy wolfie playing on grass and in fallen leaves :]
I feel this is not my best card but for some reason I don't see way how to make it better, it has to be something with coloring because sketch and lineart (which I tried to do a bit thinner this time) I liked :/ Although, I hope you will like it :]
My October is going to be probably in art-rush (not only work and university) because I need to finish commissioned set of pictures... so I did this card asap after I got the partner.

used: liners, watercolors (huuuge Dweit set ^^)
paper: white Conqueror

part for me by Aisha-Autumn is here:
ACEO pumpkins by Aisha-Autumn
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Finally here <:'D
First of all, I want to apologise for the time that this comment took to get to you...
Secondly - thank you so much for such a cute ACEO card! :3
You did really a nice card, and the fact that you decided to draw actually autumn is pleasant in some ways) Leaves, their colour  palette and forms are cool and looks realistic even if stylised. Separated leaves over the top have recognizable form and nice gradient, but when they are in group, they looks really like a mess - and that's cool) Also, card turns out very colourful and in conjunction with happy mood, it brings peaceful emotions.
I like how you did the fur on the Aisha's neck and forehead - looks soft and fluffy) But my favorite part is the little paw pads **
Thanks you very-very-very much!
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Ooh. ;o; Lovely picture! I love the colors/textures. 
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aww, glad you like it, thank you :aww:
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Sure thing! ^^ 
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Oh My God now that what I called an beautiful artwork the grass color look amazing so is the leaf
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awww! thank you, I wasn't sure about those leaves and how they turned out :]
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Ur welcome my friend
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Awesome! The shading is great.
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that is so cute *_____* Heart Of Love Mini 
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hehehe, yeah! :D thank you :)
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I like it a lot!!  ^^ 
The wolf character looks really cute and happy!! :D  The fur looks really nice too!  I do like the coloring for this, maybe it is because I like the autumn colors though.
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Yeah, I like autumn colors too, the play of colorful leaves on trees are truly magic. I only don't like much that cold and often rainy/very cloudy weather :(
Thank you, I'm glad you like it although I'm still not completely sure what is the thing which gaves me that strange feeling about something wrong what I can't exactly see :blush:
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I agree with you on that.  The really cold weather and rain I dislike, but the leaves turning lovely colors on the trees are what I love about autumn.  Fortunately it has been warmer and drier this year for me. :>
I didn't notice anything wrong with it so unfortunately I cannot help with that.  Everything looks good to me. :3
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