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Team Fortress 2 Parody Commission



Finished this big Sam & Fuzzy Team Fortress 2 parody commission the day before flying out to TCAF! (It’s going to be a desktop in the next Book Club bonus pack, too, and maybe a print?)

Everyone and their dog has done a parody of the iconic team pose image, so I went with more of an action shot. The biggest bonus of that approach was I could actually have the characters interacting with one another, giving me extra room to play off their in-comic personalities or histories. (Plus, Mr. Sin and Fridge teaming up? What a terrifying thought!)

When I first started doing my twitter Sketch-Offs, I had a nagging worry that offering drawings at a lower price — even fast, forcibly-limited-in-scope drawings — might accidently undervalue my work or hurt my regular commission business. So far the exact opposite has been true… each Sketch-Off has been immediately followed by a surge of big, full-priced commissions like this one. (Often from the same people who purchased Sketch-Off drawings in the first place.) I guess it helps to remind people what you can do!
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