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Firefly Parody Commission

Commissioner: "Hey Sam, can I pay you to draw Sam and Fuzzy characters as the cast of Firefly?"

Me: "YES. Yes you can."

The final art was also used as an exclusive Book Club bonus wallpaper. I think it went over pretty well! For those unfamiliar with my comic, the Sam and Fuzzy characters are all drawn as their own ethnicities, which is why we have a white Zoe and an Indian Kaylee.


*In the above re-enactment, the "Commissioner" is a client buying art, not a police commissioner.
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Thanks for posting. c(=
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This is awesome! All the characters fit so well. I love Gertrude as River.
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You just know that Wash would totally name both his dinosaurs "Buddy," too.
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Wow, Fuzzy looks awesome as anything as long as he gets to look psychotic
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This and the Batman one are my favourites of the recasts of your characters that you've done. Fuzzy is so fitting as Jayne. It's also awesome that my favourite character Dev is my favourite Firefly character, Kaylee. I love her expression in this.