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Anthro Tarantula Base

You can edit/use to your hearts content, but please be sure to both credit AND notify me when you do.  c:

ALSO; no using my bases to sell designs/adoptables/ect, my bases are simply for others to use to get their ideas down, not to make profit.  FREE adoptables and trades/gifts are fine by me.

the mighty struggles with this one shall never be named but physical pAIN
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Sam May I Point Out Something? Male Tarantula's Are Much Smaller Than Females, Just Making Sure You Know!

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Gonna use this a few times bc I love arachnids and need an army of spood babies.

Using, thanks again.

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real life crappy thing is cute in art


I know this is a rather old base, but...

I have made a pretty boi...

7-legged Spawn
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My word, these spiders are big (point taken).

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Lovely by KawaiiSugarSweets Use. Hope You Like Or Love It
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aquí uno de mis creaciones gracias a tu base enserio las adoro mas estas de insecto.
Tarantula Azul Cobalto by pl18  
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 aah, contento de que te guste si  :D
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si son las mejores bases que ocupo
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Love it ( even though I'm not a fan of Spiders)
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eeey shes hella cool!  8D
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Used ;u;  Reference: Samantha by KaijuDragon

You're so talented and your bases are amazing aaaaa :heart:
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ooohh shes pretty!!

haha aw thank you <3  glad ya like my stuff ^^
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Thanks so much! <33

No problem! :D 
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is it okay if I kill it with fire? :3
Anthro or not, they are still giant, scary, and dangerous 
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aw but they just wanna hug you with all eight of their limbs full frontal hug assault
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This is why my book is called what you can't unsee ;w;
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