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Anthro Eastern Dragon Base

You can edit/use to your hearts content, but please be sure to both credit AND notify me when you do.  c:

ALSO; no using my bases to sell designs/adoptables/ect, my bases are simply for others to use to get their ideas down, not to make profit.  FREE adoptables and trades/gifts are fine by me.

long noodle drakes
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May use this wish me luck I'm bad at art 😄

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Heya! Just letting you know I'm adding eastern dragons to my universe, and that I've used your base as a reference for it - I'll probably be using a lot of your bases actually, with full credit and links! :flirty: They're all so wonderful!

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Using this, it’s really nice!

I am going to use this for a free color! Beautiful art style- I love it 🥺

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Gonna use this one too! :)

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Heya, if it's fine I'll use these to get a sense of a design I had in mind before I make an actual drawing of the design, I'll make sure to credit you when I do!

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Hey! Just gonna let ya know for I'll be using this beautiful work of a base for an OC, Wonderful works you have for the community.

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heya, i'll be using this base to make a dragon of my own! thank you for putting this out there!

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I'm using these for an OC of mine! Tysm!

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i´m deffinetly going to draw my gal in this base! nwn

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Ichor Avro-Rakour

Ichor the Black Book dragon

Im using it for making a dragon from one of my dream

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Hey, I used this base for my second sona, ill be sure to leave a link to here in the post I make about him on twitter


used! I hope it’s alright if we heavily modify these bases lmao- (all I really did was give it a human head, I couldn’t find any other bases that I could use for him :(()

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I am using your base! This is amazing! Good job!

Hi, i would like to use this base for an oc i have :>>

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aaa sorry for like commenting on so much of your bases I’m just letting you know 🥺

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Is this free? Ill use if so!
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Bout a use this when I have motivation

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I'm going to use this base, thank god I found it, I was driving myself insane trying to draw an eastern dragon... it's perfect, thank you so much! I'm lucky I found this

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do you mind if i use this for a chatlands pose?

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